Lobbyist Reform Passes House

The Pennsylvania House, Nov. 13, voted 197-5 for a bill increasing the penalty for violations of the law governing lobbyist and requiring the creation of a “fully accessible system to accommodate the use of computerized filings

The nays were Angel Cruz (D-180),  Louise Williams Bishop (D-192), J.P. Miranda (D-197) all of whom represent parts of Philadelphia; Jake Wheatley (D-19), whose district is in Pittsburgh and Bernie O’Neill (R-29) of Bucks County. What’s up with that Bernie?

Anyway, that’s five names who you can chalk up as having failed a very basic litmus test for corruption. Remember them.

House Bill 744 would increase the  penalty that may be imposed by the Ethics Commission said State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129), rising   maximum fine to $10,000 from  $2,000; and the maximum ban from lobbying for economic consideration  to 10 years from five.

In addition, the bill increases the criminal misdemeanor grading for various
offenses and increasing the maximum fine to $100,000 from  $25,000.

The bill would also increase the maximum administrative penalty that may be imposed for negligent failure to report under the lobbying disclosure law from $50 per late day to $50 per late day for the first 10 days and $250 per late day after the first 10 late days.

The bill goes to the Senate for consideration.

Lobbyist Reform Passes House

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