Corbett Gas Tax Makes Media Lick Chops

Corbett Gas Tax Makes Media Lick ChopsWell it is happening. After the GOP shot itself in the foot, yesterday, with the Pennsylvania House vote to push through a massive gasoline tax hike, the old media that had been screaming about the need to save our transportation infrastructure is now using words like “Hosed” in headlines while pointing out that Pennsylvanians are likely going to have the highest gas prices in the nation.

Pennsylvania’s House, Senate and governor’s office are all controlled by Republicans. While just about every Democrat was behind this cruel increase, their fingerprints are not on it. Once again Lucy has pulled the football from Charlie Brown.

The only upside is that the Tea Party “Republicans” — and we can leave that word in quotes as  party membership to us is a means to an end not a religion — are on record as being the only vocal opponents to this action.

The Independence Hall Tea Party Association — the first (only?) Tea Party group to endorse Mitt Romney; the group that has bent over backwards, usually wisely, to defend Republicans under fire from the grassroots — has announced it is withholding support from Gov. Corbett in his upcoming re-election.

“Governor Tom Corbett, obviously, twisted the arms of Republican State Representatives in order pass this disastrous piece of legislation,” said Association President Teri Adams.  “Instead of cutting funds from other areas of the budget to pay for needed bridge and road repairs around the state, the Governor and his minions decided to sock it to the taxpayers.”

Yes, Tom, you are hosed. I’m thinking about switching my registration this primary in the hope of getting at least a quasi-sane Democrat to replace you because you are going to be replaced. Of course, doing so means I lose my chance to primary my state rep so one must give it some thought.

Corbett Gas Tax Makes Media Lick Chops


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