Cyber Symposium Shifted Narrative; Burden Now on Election Defenders

Cyber Symposium Shifted Narrative; Burden Now On Election Defenders –Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium ended Thursday (Aug. 12) and many are disappointed as there was an expectation that he would reveal conclusive evidence that the Chinese hacked the voting machines via packet captures or PCAPS.

Packet capture is a computer networking term for intercepting a data packet that is crossing or moving over a specific computer network, as per Techopedia.

Once a packet is captured, it is stored temporarily so that it can be analyzed, says Techopedia. The packet is inspected to help diagnose and solve network problems and determine whether network security policies are being followed.

Hackers can also use packet capturing techniques to steal data that is being transmitted over a network.

On the other hand, 40 million Americans saw a whole lot that was revealed and the burden of proof has now shifted to those who believe that the election was honest.

Lindell showed that Dominion Voting Systems during its ‘update’ of machine software in Mesa County, Col., deleted logs and changed data on the election machines. Forensic images were taken before and after the ‘update’, notes Cyber experts noted that Federal law requires the data to be kept for 22 months.

Prosecution must be demanded.

CDMedia further pointed out that Lindell was physically attacked during the event– in apparent planned intimidation — the livestream was hacked multiple times at the conference; and infiltrators were found.

It obviously couldn’t have been organized by losers from dad’s basement.

Obviously, this nation is under attack and we better start understanding this.

Pennsylvania is one of those states were the election appears to have been stolen from Trump. According to Seth Keshel, the Donald won it by a half million votes.

What has Lawrence Tabas said about this? How about the Delaware County Republican Party? How about Joe Gale? Montco’s token Republican Commissioner wants to be governor. Haven’t heard him say anything about a state-wide audit. Hey, maybe we missed it. We’d love to hear he supports it.

Cyber Symposium Shifted Narrative; Burden Now Lies With Election Defenders
Silent Joe Gale
Cyber Symposium Shifted Narrative; Burden Now Lies With Election Defenders

2 thoughts on “Cyber Symposium Shifted Narrative; Burden Now on Election Defenders”

  1. Nearly every Republican and Democrat is a tool of the establishment. Trump made enemies by limiting cheap labor (immigration and visas), lowering drug prices (hurting Big Pharma). and pushing back against defense department corruption ($11 million refrigerator on Air Force One).

  2. I met Lawrence Tabas one time. Short conversation, but it showed me that he is not on the ball.

    As far as Joe Gale is concerned, he will never stand up for anything. He bragged, oh how he bragged, about being the first person in PA to back Trump for the 2016 election. You can see by his silence that he is loyal to only himself. No one else matters in Joe Gale’s world. Don’t worry, he will not be the candidate for governor.

    Fred Donaldson is correct: Nearly every Republican and Democrat is a tool of the establishment. Well, Fred is almost correct. I would drop the word “nearly” for Montgomery County. Every one, Republican or Democrat, is a tool of the establishment in Montco. And remember, Josh Shapiro is from Montco. He is the biggest tool of all.

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