Fetterman Beats Oz Like Biden Won 2020 LOL

Fetterman Beats Oz Like Biden Won 2020 LOL –John Fetterman beat Mehmet Oz by 137K votes last night, Nov. 8, to represent Pennsylvania in the US Senate.

If you believe that you also believe Joe Biden got more votes than any president before in 2020.

And the Covid vaccine protects you from the disease.

And the masks work.

The Democrats, yesterday, stole the election. There are those who believe men can have babies but find that claim too much of a reach.

We are going to try and wake you up a little bit.

Election fraud whistleblowers Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom represented themselves last week in case before  Judge Spiros E. Angelos in Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. They couldn’t get a lawyer. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford a lawyer, it’s that all but one wouldn’t take the case and the one that did, Deborah Silver, nearly got disbarred just because.

Fetterman Beats Oz Like Biden Won 2020 LOL

Why were Leah and Greg kept from having competent legal counsel?

Even Jeffrey Dahmer had a lawyer.

In May, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer dismissed a vote fraud case filed by Leah and Greg. In a letter to County Council, Stollsteimer said the 92-page case was based on three doctored internet videos that appeared on the Newsmax website in November 2021 and concerned discussions relating to a right-to-know request filed May 21, 2021.

But Leah’s and Greg’s complaint included 37 video exhibits and several audio ones. Why would Stollsteimer just cite three?

By the way, the best known videos exposing Delco election improprieties were posted by The Federalist and time stamped in March and April 2021. Why would Stollsteimer ignore this?

Fulton County, Pa. is suing Dominion Voting Systems after two investigations of their voting machines found they had unexpected software including games, the Edge browser, and the highly vulnerable Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools. They also appeared to have been used to make an internet connection to Canada.

They county investigations were made despite strong opposition from the Democrat-controlled state authorities.

So how do we save our country from the obviously corrupt people with tyrannical inclinations now running things, and who shamelessly lie about the realities presented before them?

We aren’t suggesting you grab your musket from the wall and take to the streets.

Or any form of civil disobedience, for that matter.

We are suggesting you ask very simple questions:

Why are lawyers being bullied from representing Greg and Leah?

Why did the Delaware County District Attorney ignore the 37 videos presented as evidence by Greg and Leah?

Why did he ignore widely seen videos time-stamped before the right-to-know request filed May 21, 2021?

Why is Microsoft SQL on Dominion voting machines? Or Edge? Or Solitaire?

Why is any proprietary software on a voting machine? Why is corporate intellectual property even a consideration regarding voting machines?

If you love this country ask these questions, and fast.

2 thoughts on “Fetterman Beats Oz Like Biden Won 2020 LOL”

  1. Perhaps more productive than this is to ask the question of why Oz was the candidate (unless we know that answer and don’t want to deal with it). That, in my opinion, was critical to the result here.

    Listen, I voted for Oz because he was running against Fetterman. But why did we need to have a candidate who could be caricatured: as having allegiance to another nation (Turkey); being a carpetbagger coming to PA for an open Senate seat; as totally out of touch on daily issues with the voters (saying “wegener’s”; not knowing that the Steelers were not playing; saying crudité; kissing his Hollywood star; etc.) –a totally tone-deaf celebrity.

    Someone else could have beaten Fetterman even with the vote counting we have in PA. Let’s talk about why Oz was the candidate.

  2. Before going to court, Most of the claims should be shown to the public. Just like the claims put out about President Trump PUBLIC opinion CHANGED EVERYTHING.

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