HB 874 Would Curtail Bullying

HB 874 Would Curtail Bullying
Union boss John Kane was upset that someone took a photo of his house with signs supporting “Republican” Paul Mullen. He was not upset, however, with union members photographing children at their school bus stop.

Last week we noted how a union boss upset that a photo of his house appeared on this site  had defended photographing children at a school bus stop if it was part of a union job action. The boss, John Kane, who ran as a Democrat state senate candidate last fall, spoke out against a bill last year that would have banned such terrorism.

Such a bill was necessary because Pennsylvania’s courts have held that threatening children and others are legal if done as part of a union job action. It died, however, when the state senate gutted it after union lobbying.

Well the bill, which prohibits harassment, stalking and the threat to use weapons of mass destruction by union members, has been reintroduced as HB 874.

It was passed  by the Pennsylvania House 109 to 84 on April 21 with just about all Republicans supporting and just about all Democrats opposed. Apparently Ds have no problem with bullying if it advances their cause.

The bill is now before the state senate. Please let your senator know that  you want to protect children from bullies.

Oh, and why was John Kane upset? On the lawn of his house he had signs for Republican-endorsed candidate Paul Mullen in the Aug. 4 special election for the vacant 161st District State House seat.

HB 874 Would Curtail Bullying
Lisa Esler will stand up to bullies

Wonder how Paul Mullen feels about ending the union privilege to harass children. Somebody should ask him but nobody seems to be able to find him.

Fortunately there is a candidate in the race who will actually do something about this garbage. Her name is Lisa Esler and you can find out more about her here.


HB 874 Would Curtail Bullying

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