Seattle Earthquake Looms

An article in The New Yorker is claiming that experts are putting the odds of an almost unimaginable disaster occurring in the next 50 years in the American northwest at 1 in 10. Seattle Earthquake Looms

They say that the unheralded Cascadia Fault will be the cause of a 9-plus magnitude earthquake followed by a 100-foot tsunami.

Directly affected will be everything west of I-5 from Seattle to Portland.

The initial death toll will be 13,000 as estimated by FEMA.  If the quake hits in the summer when the beaches are full it will be far higher.Those with no choice but to remain there will spend three to six months without electricity, one to three years without drinking water and sewage systems, and three or more years without hospitals.

The full article by Kathryn Schulz can be found here.

Seattle Earthquake Looms

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