Linux Has Dark Side Too

Linux Has Dark Side Too — We were an early advocate of Chesco’s DuckDuckGo and then it breaks our heart.

Then we started pushing Linux only to have the sagacious Bryan Lunduke tell us that that is not pure and perfect either.

Lunduke notes that the Board of Directors of The Linux Foundation is made up of representatives from Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, and Amazon, which employs the chair.

He says that  Linux Foundation donation page had until recently ran the disclaimer: 100% of donations received go towards funding diversity programs.

He points out that the The Linux Foundation is in the “Vaccine Passport” business.

Linux Has Dark Side Too

He says that the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and the mucho-profit Mozilla Corporation are run by the same guy and that Mozilla Corp. brings in $800 million per year.

Most tragically, he reveals that the Open Source Initiative (OSI) is funded by Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and Twitter and that it has canceled Bruce Perens and Eric S Raymond, the men who founded the OSI in 1998.

In a side note, Lunduke says efforts have been launched to ban the founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, and the creator of the Linux Kernel, Linus Torvalds, from the projects that they started.

“There are significant portions of the open source industry that really have it out for the founders of the projects they use,” he says.

So what to do?

Understand that one will never find perfection this side of Heaven and that demanding it on Earth will only lead to the bad guys winning.

Everyone should start learning Linux. Everyone should use a different search engine than Google.

Even if it’s DuckDuckGo.

By the way, wean yourself from Google wherever you can. It’s evil. The Duck, ironically, has some good suggestions on how to do it.

And remember that Mozilla is Firefox. We recommend Brave as a replacement for all Big Tech browsers.

Linux Has Dark Side Too

2 thoughts on “Linux Has Dark Side Too”

  1. Linux is environmentally friendly. It keeps otherwise “obsolete” hardware out of landfills. I run one flavor or another of Linux on all my desktop and laptop computers. It is amazing what a decades old single core processor architecture is capable of with a slimmed down Linux OS today compared to whatever bloated resource hog of Windoze, like XP aka Xtra Problems, was pre-installed back then.

    Now if we could just get that level of control over these Android and Apple phones…

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