William Bradley Vote Fraud Proof

William Bradley Vote Fraud Proof — Many deny vote fraud happens. Some are believers who just parrot the garbage they hear from daytime talks shows and major media outlets from whence they get their understanding of events. Some, however, know full well it happens but claim otherwise because they are sociopathic liars who care nothing for democracy, the rule of law, or right and wrong. What motivates them is acquiring power and money — your money — through the political process.

For the innocent believers, if the Philadelphia election officials appealing — and ignoring — court orders to allow observers of the counting process are not enough of a red pill, consider William Bradley whose application for an absentee ballot was received on Sept. 11 and sent on Sept. 19 and whose ballot was received on Oct. 2.

Bradley, born March 4, 1902, died June 1, 1984.

Bradley’s vote was not cast as an accident.

Doubters can do the proof themselves at the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Fill the fields with William Bradley, March 4, 1902 and the zip code 48207

You think it’s just a rare, one-time thing?

Here’s a list of 1,362 Michigan centenarian-plus people — some are as old as 108 — who voted absentee in this year’s election. While there does seem to be issues about state residency, we have confirmed that several — especially the older ones are still alive — so this is probably not the proof of vote fraud it at first appeared to be.

William Bradley Vote Fraud Proof
William Bradley Vote Fraud Proof

9 thoughts on “William Bradley Vote Fraud Proof”

  1. It is absolutely disgusting and abhorrent that Sen Toomey is denying the vote fraud in PA. It is not just in Philly, it is everywhere.

    If he would have done anything at all to eliminate the corruption in this state during the last nine years that he has been a senator, maybe he could be proud to be part of the clean-up and would not feign offense at the truth.

    1. I don’t think anything happened to Toomey. I think rather that he’s always been focused more on economic issues, divorced from politics except where economics and legislation come into direct contact. I think that his view of the cold civil war between Leftism/Progressivism and American conservatism, ie, classical liberalism, is that it doesn’t exist. I think he still thinks that the Democrats, by and large, are the same Democrats as they were before the explosion of Progressivism in the 60s.

      I applaud the idea of different factions in Congress working together to do the country’s business, which Toomey appears to believe. But that idea doesn’t work, when the difference in worldview is so different. We believe in liberty, they believe in totalitarian Statism. We believe in a constitutional republic, with only as much government as is absolutely necessary to protect our natural rights. They believe in a strong central State that reaches into every aspect of the individual’s life.

      From his record in office, I don’t think Toomey understands this.

      So I won’t call him names, or curse him. None of that helps anything.

      The big thing is to find a good candidate to replace him, and prevent the Progressives from stealing our other Senate seat.

    1. LOL

      Ok Eric, go back to the Michigan website — https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/Voter/Index — and do the exercise. Fill the appropriate fields with William, Bradley, March, zip code 48207 and the birth year 1902. You see that, Eric, 1902. Repeat 1902.

      You will see the deceased William Bradley received a ballot which was sent back and accepted.

      Politifact says the son says he threw it out. OK, why was it accepted? Why was a guy who died in 1984 sent one in the first place? Why don’t you ask these questions? Why can’t you get yet that Politifact is a dishonest establishment apologist?

      The headline “No, a dead voter named William Bradley didn’t vote in Detroit” is objectively false. The deceased Mr. Bradley most certainly cast a vote. Again, do the exercise.

      You want to say it’s a one-off or an innocent mistake that would have been caught, you can say that. But he most certainly voted.

      In most years I’d shrug it off and accept the innocent mistake claim. Not this year though.

  2. Why would a man who has been dead for 36 years even be on the rolls for his name to be mixed up with another man’s name? They are supposed to purge the rolls when a person dies.

    Still BS no matter what actually happened.

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