Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged

Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged We got this from a trusted friend concerning Delaware County, Pa. Not saying you have to believe it but we do. Regardless, it’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

Our great Republic was murdered last night.

I haven’t been so angry and felt so helpless since I watched the Twin Towers get hit and go down, first hand, on 9/11. 

I arrived back home last night at midnight from the Democrat controlled Delaware County, PA “vote counting” facility sickened by the blatant corruption and fraud I witnessed, with Leah Hoopes, over the previous 48 hours, having slept only two hours.

I personally documented tens of thousands of manufactured votes prop up Biden, engorging the popular count in Pennsylvania, and the flipping of the undercard elections from almost a sweep of Republican wins to Democrat candidate wins.

The Democrat mechanics that executed the fraud did not have the brain power to be the architects of the fraud.  It was diabolically designed to forensically destroy any meaningful audit trail that will make it incredibly difficult to challenge other than by testimony of the few that personally witnessed it, and had the expertise to understand what they were looking at.  That alone should be a weather vane to convince the citizenry of the fraud, that I will describe in detail in later posts, assuming Facebook permits it.

I provided my testimony in phone affidavits to lawyers throughout much of the afternoon, first to try to get injunctions to stop the “counting process” so we could show the fraud to the American citizenry, who I think would have been equally horrified, both Democrat and Republican. But, mine and similar efforts throughout the Pennsylvania Commonwealth were repeatedly squashed by local Democrat Election Boards, Democrat Judges, Democrat DA’s, Democrat Solicitors, a Democrat Governor, Democrat Cabinet, a 6-2 Democrat Supreme Court, and a Democrat infrastructure that has been assembled and installed at great expense over a period of over a decade, and an ineffective local Republican leadership and infrastructure, content on holding rallies, printing posters, and posting selfies in social media. 

Leah Hoopes, her Delco Watchdogs, several veterans, and myself were among the only Republicans in Delaware County who watched and tried to stop the disaster by engaging legal assistance, documenting, and pleading with unhearing Democrat administrators, without any meaningful assistance from local GOP.  The only ones who helped were national GOP, many from President Trump’s staff who were overwhelmed by the nationwide debacle, the Thomas More Society, and Project Amistad.

What we saw the last three days was a trigger pull, not an “election.”  I personally did everything I could to stop it, including warning GOP officials starting four years ago that this election would be about who counted the vote, not who voted. Few listened.

The fact that millions of citizens physically went to the polls and voted or mailed in ballots was all kabuki theater, and was disassociated from the “counting process.”

I was most affected by the constant maniacal laughter and mirth of the large cast of exclusively Democrat officials, employees, and “volunteers,” who knowingly executed the fraud and thought the obvious corruption was hysterical.  I was even laughed at by the assistant to the Judge who wrote the order allowing me 5 minutes every 2 hours to see the most meaningful part of the process, and an unidentified male in the background on the phone, who I can only presume was the Judge himself.  

What struck me most was all of the Democrat laughter I heard over the past 3 days, was it was never a derisive chuckle, or comparable to something you might hear watching an amusing comedy, but rather, a uniformly deranged, demonic cackle that mimicked Hillary Clinton’s.  It made my skin crawl.

Their laughter was directed at all of us.  They made no effort to hide their fanatic hatred of President Trump, and “Trumpsters,” and viscerally enjoyed participating in the dismantling of the elective process.

While tens of millions of President Trump’s supporters and those that love our Republic celebrated in rallies throughout our nation over the past four years, the Democrats sequestered themselves in basements and back rooms, and plotted, connived and manufactured a “voting process” that is simply a veneer of legitimacy that allowed them to choose the outcome of this election – and any they might care to allow in the future.

No one’s vote mattered to them.  Our Republic did not matter to them.

There are several remediative possibilities.  We may be able to forensically demonstrate fraud, among other litigative vectors, but the most obvious peaceful resolution that I can arrive at is a do-over that will provide transparency so that ALL our citizenry can participate in maintaining our Republic.

My affidavits, photos, diagrams, and all details I documented are being transcribed by multiple lawyers, and I will post them as soon as possible.

I advise prayer, contemplation and trust in our God, our citizenry, our Republic, and our President, while we sort this all out.

God Bless.

Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged
Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged
Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged

4 thoughts on “Delaware County Vote Fraud Alleged”

  1. These people cannot be trusted with running a powerful country like the USA, so many trusting people believe they are truthful still, our medias lie about this even here in Canada.

  2. Since when did any of us–Republicans or Democrats–become so complacent about even the potential of such activity? I applaud the sentiment and action taken by your trusted friend. What about the rest of us? Isn’t anyone frightened by the fact that Twitter shut down the account, I believe, for “Stop the Steal”? What about the fine work by Project Veritas in capturing video about yet another account: BREAKING: PA USPS Whistleblower Richard Hopkins Goes Public; Confirms Federal Investigation/
    Just “counting every vote”, as recent ads would like us to believe, doesn’t even BEGIN to fix the real problem, does it?

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