Rudy Announces Lawsuit In Philly; Trump Not Quitting

Rudy Announces Lawsuit In Philly; Trump Not Quitting — Rudy Giuliani, the man who busted the Mafia in New York, announced at about 4:30 this afternoon in Philly that President Trump has filed lawsuit to stop the obvious vote fraud occurring in the city regarding the presidential election.

He said observers were prevented from seeing the actual ballots during themselves during counting to ascertain that they were legitimate.

“This went on for 20 hours,” he said. “While all of you thought there was some kind of legitimate count going on in Philadelphia, it was totally illegitimate.”

Not a single Republican could see the ballots, he said.

“Joe Biden could have voted 50 times,” Giuliani said. “Or 5,000 times.”

He noted Philadelphia has a reputation for voter fraud.

“You have a reputation for dead people voting,” he said. “We are going to look at just how many dead people voted here.”

He said, though, that what is happening now goes far beyond that and is happening elsewhere.

“We have exactly the same lawsuit in Wisconsin where exactly the same thing happened,” he said.

He said that in Wisconsin at about 3 o’clock in the morning about 120,000 ballots appeared.

“Whoo0, here come these ballots,” he said. “Well, we have no idea if they really are ballots. We have no idea if they are signed, if they are postmarked properly, if it isn’t just the same person who submitted 100,000 ballots. And they all got counted. This is the way the intend to win.”

He says he has been informed that are similar situations in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.

“This whole new thing that has never happened before in our country, these mail-in ballots, which has been a cause of real concern for every because they can easily be fraudulent, well, one of the things that the law attaches to that is the right for both parties to observe the ballot, the way we do with absentee ballots,” he said.

Observers make sure the ballots are properly signed, postmarked, and addressed. They are often passed but they are also often challenged.

Giuliani said the observers never got a chance to look at a single one of this year’s mail-in ballots in Philly. He said about 100,000 ballots were sent through without being checked.

“That’s (120,000) ballots that should be taken out of the count,” he says. “. . I don’t know if it’s going on in any other place but it is going on with enough frequency in Wisconsin we brought suit and know we’ll have to look into three other places.

“What it says to me that this is a concerted effort of the crooks that run the Democrat Party.”

He said one-party rule for decades leads to corruption and one of the biggest forms of corruption is voter fraud because that’s how they keep their power.

“But we are not going to let them get away with it,” Giuliani said. “They are not going to steal this election. This election gets decided by the people.”

He said the Trump campaign is quite possibly considering a national lawsuit along with the ones in Philadelphia and Wisconsin and really expose the corruption in the Democrat Party.

“This is beyond anything I ever seen before,” he said. “This comes when you think you have so much power and you own the media that you can do anything you want. Well, sorry we are going to fight for the people. We are going to vindicate their right and the ultimate result is that President Trump has won Pennsylvania.

“I’ve never heard of a count where you are ahead by 400,000 with 80-plus percent counted and they don’t call it for you. They called California the moment the polls closed . .

“Do you think we are stupid? Do you think we are fools”

Watch it below:

Rudy Announces Lawsuit In Philly; Trump Not Quitting
Rudy Announces Lawsuit In Philly; Trump Not Quitting

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  1. Bad things most definitely do happen in Philadelphia, there is proof everywhere. Talk to the poll workers who tried to object to the illegal things they saw going on – their livelihoods were threatened, told “they’ll be fired” if they questioned what was happening. Philadelphia robbed President Trump and the citizens of Philadelphia who are sick and tired of the democratic deterioration of a once beautiful city.

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