Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed

Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed — As I write this the president election is too close to call and Joe Biden might even have the edge.

If Biden should be called the winner a huge swath of this nation will not accept it.

Biden supporters better ask themselves why.

I fear they won’t even try.

In Wisconsin, a solid Trump lead vanished at 3 a.m. when 100,000 votes were instantly tabulated in Milwaukee. Reportedly, all, that is ALL, were for Biden. What are the odds? Milwaukee was required by law to have reported everything at 1 a.m.

Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed

You say there is probably a logical and reasonable explanation. I agree totally.

The same thing appears to have happened in Michigan except involving a dump of 200,000 votes — all for Joe.

Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed

In our Pennsylvania, the State attorney general basically declared Biden the winner the day before the election. The established “journalists” could not bring themselves to call him out. Democrats on social media hand-waved off, if not out-and-out defended, the comments.

Executive branch directives overruled laws passed by the legislature regarding the mandate for signature on ballots and the hard deadline of receiving ballots. The decision was upheld by the courts. If you believe in democracy you know that it’s the legislature that makes laws. If you believe in commonsense, you know that if you can go to the Walmart or a liquor store you can get to a dropbox before its closed.

And then there is the reporting of it. Do a Google search for Wisconsin vote fraud filtered by 24 hours. This is what you get as of 10:45 a.m. this morning:

Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed

Trump falsely asserts? A thinking person would think the President and his supporters have a point. I’m half-listening to Pennsylvania’s Kathy Boockvar make excuses about the big delay in Pennsylvania’s count. They sound reasonable until you remember for other things the Wolf administration has said and done, and the ballot dumps that happened in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Yes, there is going to be big problems in this country. The blame can be laid on our media and those who think rules only go one way.

Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed

5 thoughts on “Vote Fraud Concerns Would Be Less If Laws Followed”

  1. The globalists are taking elections by fraudulent, unlawful force, they are one world, less people, agenda criminals. Watching the American people at Pres. Trumps’s huge rallies, only a totally brainwashed fool could vote for biden or the Soros and groups antifa, blm etc., who supported going after republican Senators, I read. At least the USA still has some laws, I hope.
    I watched helplessly as Canada fell to all this corruption so I know how hard it is for freedom loving Americans. In Canada our RCMP and now our military are anti Canadian and are going through our residents social media in Ontario? for a practice of some Cambridge University spying type program that had been made illegal a few years back when they were caught using it so Canada a failed state and too many Canadians do not realize this with our bought out communist media.

  2. Democrat leaders and others who get rich off of government like to say “every vote must count” and try to shame us when we express concerns of fraud.

    Enough of that. The proper axiom is that every LEGAL vote must count. Adults have the right to vote but how to exercise that right must be decided by a legislature and and followed exactly.

    Those who want to change the rules by saying “every vote must count” should be assumed to be proponents of vote fraud motivated by self-enrichment.

    Take back the language.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Where did you learn that batches were coming in 100% Biden. I heard those were 85-13 which makes a lot of sense for main-in ballots from Milwaukee. If you’ve got more info, I’d love to see it.

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