What Made The Obama DoJ Jump

Universities including Princeton, Arizona State and Case Western Reserve experimented last year with allowing students to use Amazon’s Kindle for textbooks. It was just a pilot program but if it managed to fly just about everybody would have saved money, time and aggravation, and of course many fewer trees would have been destroyed.

Well one of the many groups in this country dedicated to scratching the scabs off of grievances filed a complaint with the Justice Department  citing the American with Disabilities Act and claimed the policy violated the civil rights of the blind.

The DoJ is now run by Barack Obama and Eric Holder. So, did it direct the universities make certain that the textbooks be also available in Braille or audiotape? Did it postpone action in lieu of Amazon’s promises to make the Kindle more accessible to the blind?

Of course not. It squashed it,  as they might say, como una cucaracha.

If only Amazon had been smart enough to  grab a nightstick, put on a beret and make racially disparaging remarks outside a Philadelphia polling place.

3rd-Party Candidates In Pa. Races

Pennsylvania’s filing deadline for minor and independent candidates for state-wide races was yesterday.

Among those who appear to have acquired the needed number of signatures are John Krupa, who is running for governor under the “Tea Party” banner; engineer Douglas Jaimson who is running for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian; and York County homosexual activist Marakay Rogers who will be the Libertarian candidate for governor. Ms. Rogers running mate will be Kat Valleley.

Ms. Rogers ran unsuccessfully for Superior Court last year.

It also appears that the Green Party will have a candidate in the staunchly Democrat 14th Congressional District race in Ed Bortz. The district  includes Pittsburgh and is represented by  Mike Doyle. Bortz’s concerns include the development of Marcellus Shale.

Also, in the governor’s race write-in campaigns for governor are being organized for Sam Rohrer, the state rep from the 128th District who was defeated by Tom Corbett for Republican Party nomination for the post.

Rohrer has not endorsed the campaigns, but he has not dis-endorsed them either.

Hat tip to GrassrootsPa.com

To The Pennsylvanians

The great English poet William Wordsworth in response to a certain U.S. commonwealth shamelessly defaulting on its debt in 1837 wrote this:

To The Pennsylvanians

Days undefiled by luxury or sloth,
Firm self-denial, manners grave and staid,
Rights equal, laws with cheerfulness obeyed,
Words that require no sanction from an oath,
And simple honesty a common growth–
This high repute, with bounteous Nature’s
Won confidence, now ruthlessly betrayed
At will, your power the measure of your
All who revere the memory of Penn
Grieve for the land on whose wild woods his
Was fondly grafted with a virtuous aim,
Renounced, abandoned by degenerate Men
For state-dishonour black as ever came
To upper air from Mammon’s loathsome den.

Does Pennsylvania need another Wordsworth today? Why? The words from 1837 don’t need any changing.

JournoList Scandal Has Columnist’s Panties Bunched

JournoList Scandal Has Columnist’s Panties Bunched — Philadelphia Daily News columnist Will “He-ever-get-his-panties-out-of-a” Bunch threw a hissy fit a few days ago about being included on a list of propagandists pretending to be journalist that sought, with success, to influence the 2008 presidential election in the Democrat Party’s favor.

” . . .based on the increasingly unhinged comments I’ve been getting on the JournoList lately — thought I should check to see if I had been erroneously placed there as well. Of course, I was. It’s 100 percent wrong. I was never on the now-defunct JournoList at any time during its history, nor was I ever asked to be on it, ” he wrote.

Bunch speculates he is being tied to the scandal because he allowed his name to be attached to an open letter objecting to the questions posed by moderators George Stephanapoulos and Charlie Gibson to Barack Obama during an April primary debate with Hillary Clinton.

He says his objections were only driven by concerns of journalistic integrity. Why would Stephanapoulos — that communications director for the, apparently in Bunch’s view, right-wing Clinton administration — think it of relevance to ask about a possible president’s connections to bigots like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and radicals like Bill Ayers?

Bunch downplays that how to keep Wright and Ayers from being a topic of the election was a major discussion on the list, and apparently feels it isn’t strange that these connections never were discussed much by the old media despite its willingness to report Sarah Palin’s religious views and such things as claims that she sought a library book ban, despite the claims being political and overblown .

Bunch feels it important to note that working journalists did not make up most of the 400 or so posters who he describes “as working for publications like the Nation with an openly liberalorientation, as well as academics and a few advocates.” He did not feel obliged, however, to point out that the list was founded by Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein and that some of those working journalists included Ryan Donmoyer who was covering the campaign for Bloomberg News and Ben Adler who was then writing for Politico and is now an editor at Newsweek.

Here is a link to the list about which Bunch is objecting.

Bunch, btw, is someone who hides his bias in plain sight.

And Will, unless you think that blacks are somehow inherently different than whites — a distinct possibility since you are a leftist — the handling of the voter intimidation incident by New Black Panther Party thugs   is a serious scandal.

JournoList Scandal Has Columnist’s Panties Bunched

JournoList Scandal Has Columnist's Panties Bunched

There Are Good Democrats; Sen. Williams’ School Choice Bill

Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams , the Democrat whose 8th District includes a large swath of southeastern Delaware County, introduced to little fanfare last month a bill in Harrisburg that would pay the private school tuition of poor kids in crappy school districts.

SB 1405 — cosponsored by Republicans Stewart Greenleaf (12 ), Donald White (41) and Mike Folmer (48) — would provide children living in a district with at least one “chronically failing school” scholarships if their families have a low enough income. The value of the scholarships would be the state per-pupil  aid plus half of the district per-pupil aid times the household income ratio which would be between 1 and .5.

“Chronically failing school” is specified in the bill as is the family income level. Two districts to which this would obviously apply are Philadelphia and Chester.

So kudos to Sen. Williams for taking on some of the evil that so horribly corrupts his party. For the Democrats to once again be respectable, the party is going to have to condemn and disassociate themselves from the vile groups that have so much sway over their agenda — and the anti-choice, anti-child National Education Association is among them — just as they once had to disassociate themselves from the Ku Klux Klan.

Hat tip to GrassrootsPa.com and Pennsylvania Independent .

Brit Recorded Death Via Phone Pixs, State-Paid Docs Ignored Her

Brit Recorded Death Via Phone Pixs As State-Paid Docs Ignored Her — A terrified 25-year-old woman in a British hospital recorded the spreading rash using her cellphone camera nearly up to the time the disease of which it was a symptom took her life 14hours after she was admitted, it was revealed at two-day coroner’s inquest that began Wednesday.

Joanne Dowling was admitted 3:25 p.m., Nov. 23   to Milton Keynes Hospital, which is in the town of Milton Keynes 45 miles northwest of London. Her family doctor, Nessan Carson, diagnosed the  purple mark as a  symptom of meningococcal septicaemia and so informed hospital authorities.

The rash, however, began spreading after the state-paid National Health Service doctor Chris Akubuine ignored that diagnosis, removed her from antibiotics and put her on pain relievers in an observation ward at which the staff was not very observant.

Vivake Roddah, a doctor in training, failed to keep a written observation record but told theinquest he had not seen any purple rash. Five nurses also testified they had not seen any rash.

Meanwhile, Miss Dowling was emailing photos — more than 40 — of the spreading rash that she had taken with her cellphone camera. The last message was sent about four hours before her death which came at 5:20 a.m., Nov. 24. The last time someone at checked in on her was about three hours before her death from septic shock and fluid-filled lungs.

This is America’s future under ObamaCare. If you don’t believe it work it out for yourselves fewer doctors + fewer nurses +less motivation + more patients =

Hat tip to FreeRepublic.Com


Brit Recorded Death Via Phone Pixs As State-Paid Docs Ignored Her

Brit Recorded Death Via Phone Pixs As State-Paid Docs Ignored Her -- A terrified 25-year-old woman in a British hospital recorded the


Ras Still Has Toomey 6 Points Ahead Of Admiral Joe

The latest Rasmussen poll still shows Republican Pat Toomey ahead of Democrat Congressman Joe Sestak in the race to replace Snarlin’ Arlen Specter as senator from Pennsylvania.

The 45-39 percent breakdown is unchanged from two weeks ago. Ten percent are undecided and 6 percent prefer someone else.

This has not been a very good month for Sestak who says he loves Jews because he served in the U.S. Navy. TV stations ultimately ignored his demands to remove opposition political advertising; he was caught in shameless hypocrisy when he was found accepting campaign dough from those for whom he did favors despite a pointed promise that he would not do such things; and the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a guest piece defending his cozy ties to the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) written by the executive director of CAIR’s Philadelphia office side-by-side with an article pointing out CAIR’s numerous terrorist connections written by Benyamin Korn who is director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin and former editor of the Jewish Exponent, an influential Philadelphia-area weekly.

Admiral Joe started this race leading the mild-mannered  Toomey in the polls.

Comcast Cuts Customer Service Costs; Subscribers Drop

Munāphē mēṁ vr̥d’dhi which is how to say “we are in the money” in Hindi, at least according to Google’s translation service.

Philadelphia communications giant Comcast Corp. announced yesterday that profits rose 6 percent to $9.5 billion clearly helped by a  2.4 percent cut in customer service expenses and a 7 percent cut in technical labor.

In a certainly unrelated matter subscribers fell by 265,000.

This particular news site was one of them switching to Verizon. While there have been some glitches, Verizon customer service has been Americanly superb and there is no looking back.


Comcast Building Lobby Comcast Cuts Customer Service Costs; Subscribers Drop

Comcast Cuts Customer Service Costs; Subscribers Drop

Hazleton, Pa., Bedbug Capital Of USA

The bedbug problem in Hazleton, Pa. that  bubbled up three years ago has erupted in coal country like Mount Saint Helens. School officials last November went into a tizzy when a elementary school student was found with a bedbug bite. It’s only gotten worse. Health Officer Mark Thompson now describes the situation as a nightmare.

Bedbugs are teeny — about a 1/50-inch long — reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammals like humans. They crawl to their meal attracted by  warmth and carbon dioxide which is what one exhales. They like to feed about once a week but can survive for a year without a bite.

Bedbugs were largely eradicated from the U.S. in the 1940s so why the resurgence in Hazleton and, to be fair, in other American municipalities?

Like most of this nation’s troubles this can be traced to mis-educated and over-schooled types who without  experiencing much reality have acquired political power, and the fools who follow them in an attempt to appear smart.

Hazleton has become a magnet for those who, to put it politely, have taken up residence in America without participating in the expected formalities. And with DDT being banned for even limited and responsible use it has become much harder to eliminate some of that teeny baggage they brought with them.

So thank you Democrat voters and other followers of mis-educated and over-schooled types who have acquired political power. Our lives so much more, well, different than what it was in the past because of your choices.

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Pilgrims to the Imam Reza Shrine — one of Iran’s biggest tourist centers — are getting a special holy offer according to Planet-Iran .com, which is a website devoted to translating news and documents from Persian to English and letting the rest of us see for ourselves the bizarre world of the ayatollahs.

The document, dated July 18, offers, well, temporary marriages since “Marriage is among the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad” according to the Shrine’s “Bureau of Temporary Marriages”.

The temporary “marriages” are to females between the ages of  “12 and 35” and range in time from five hours to a whole 10 days. The shrinekeepers, of course, responsibly warn that for “sisters who are below 14 years of age, a written consent from their fathers or male guardians is required.”

Now, before you start reacting in rage and horror to this practice — especially if you should happen to be a Democrat voter — you ought to be aware of another recent event that you probably missed in the dino media.

Hedge-fund billionaire Jeff  Epstein became a free man earlier this month after serving an  25-month sentence in Palm Beach, Fla. for his  guilty plea  for “solicitation  prostitution”  and “soliciting a minor child for prostitution” which are state crimes. Michael Reiter, the man who was the police chief of Palm Beach during the investigation, was among those outraged at the deal since  what Epstein had been accused of was numerous sexual encounters with minor girls some of whom he imported from overseas including a trio of 12-year-olds from France. The federal  Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 demands a minimum sentence of 20 years for such things.

The feds, however, touched this case in the manner of a limo liberal removing a Baby Ruth candy bar from a country-club pool. That Jeff Epstein was close friends with and a major donor to Bill Clinton and a pre-disgraced Eliot Spitzer, and had gathered a legal team that included Alan Dershowitz, Roy Black and Kenneth Starr was merely incorrupt happenstance.


That 25-month sentence, btw, included 12 months of house (mansion) arrest and 13 months in the county jail from which he was allowed to take daily field trips to his office.

Anyway, here’s a link to the Planet-Iran page containing the shrinekeepers’ offer in Persian if you should so desire to translate it yourself, and below will be the complete text in English.

And before you start hating the people of Iran — as many Arab Muslims do — know that those brave folk are in a near rebellion against their corrupt state, which is something else that is not being widely reported by the dinosaurs. The shopkeepers in the major bazaars continue their risky strikes and two major acts of sabotage have been made against the nation’s vital fossil fuel industry.

You certainly don’t see the Democrats rebelling against their perverse and totalitarian masters.

The shrinekeepers’ offer:

July 18, 2010

Bismellah al rahman a rahim

Temporary Marriage (Marriage is among the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad)

In order to elevate the spiritual atmosphere, create proper psychological conditions and tranquility of mind, the Province of the Quds’eh-Razavi of Khorassan has created centers for temporary marriage (just next door to the shrine) for those brothers who are on pilgrimage to the shrine of  our eighth Imam, Imam Reza, and who are far away from their spouses.

To that end, we call on all our sisters who are virgins, who are between the ages of 12 and 35 to cooperate with us. Each of our sisters who signs up will be bound by a two year contract with the province of the Quds’eh-Razavi of Khorassan and will be required to spend at least 25 days of each month temporarily married to those brothers who are on pilgrimage. The period of the contract will be considered as a part of the employment experience of the applicant. The period of each temporary marriage can be anywhere between 5 hours to 10 days. The prices are as follows:

* 5 hour temporary marriage – 50,000 Tomans ($50 US)
* One day temporary marriage – 75,000 Tomans ($75 US)
* Two day temporary marriage – 100,000 Tomans ($100 US)
* Three day temporary marriage – 150,000 Tomans ($150 US)
* Between 4 and 10 day temporary marriage – 300,000 Tomans ($300 US)

Our sisters who are virgins will receive a bonus of 100,000 Tomans ($100 US) for the removal of their hymen .

After the expiration of the two year contract, should our sisters still be under 35 years of age and should they be so inclined, they can be added to the waiting list of those who are seeking long-term temporary marriage. The employed sisters are obligated to donate 5% of their earnings to the Shrine of Imam Reza. We ask that all the sisters who are interested in applying, to furnish two full-length photographs (fully hijabed and properly veiled), their academic diplomas, proof of their virginity and a certificate of good physical and psychological health which they can obtain through the health and human services of the township of their residence. Please forward all compiled material and send to the below address by the 31st of the month of Ordibehesht, 1389 (May 21st, 2010).

Attention: For sisters who are below 14 years of age, a written consent from their fathers or male guardian is required.

Address: Mash’had, Shrine of Imam Reza, Shaheed Navab-Safavi, Kossar passage, Bureau of Temporary Marriages

or call Haji Mahmood Momtaz : 98/511/222-5790

For further information, please refer to the Quds’eh Razavi website.

Clearly, they don’t need Jeff Epstein to help them.

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates
Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates

Jeff Epstein, Iranian Pilgrims, Soulmates