Ida B. Fine R.I.P.

I just returned from the funeral for a very sweet lady. Ida B. Fine died Nov. 24 at the age of 75. She lived in Rose Valley, Pa. and was a long-time reporter for the County Press and it’s sister publications. She covered Upper Darby courts and municipal events for many years and most recently had the excellent All Around Town community column.

Services were held at Beth El-Ner Tamid in Marple with burial at Mount Sharon Cemetery in Springfield.

She is survived by her husband, Samuel, daughters Cindy Williams and Deborah Fine and two granddaughters.

R.I.P. Ida

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

The holy game of lacrosse — it was cooked up by the Indians to entertain God — was played this morning at Sabold School in Springfield Pa. featuring alumni from Springfield High School  teams going back to the Class of ’77 (Jack Gelsomini).

The event was organized by Kyle Sweeney, perhaps Springfield’s most shining star in a sky-full concerning the game. Teams were divided into odds and evens as determined by the year of graduation.

I think the odds won but by the fourth quarter I was letting those under age 49  handle things and lost track of the score.

Thank you, Kyle. May it become a Thanksgiving tradition.

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

First Springfield Alumni Lacrosse Game

Obama Science Czar Tied To Global Warming Scam

CanadaFreePress.Com is reporting that the hacked emails from the  University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit have tied President Obama’s “science czar”, John Holdren, to the global warming hoax.

The emails show that the world’s leading researchers fudged data and conspired via politics to silence scientific dissenters to convince the world that man-caused emissions were causing the earth to warm catastrophically.

Holdren holds the posts of director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, President Obama is preparing for a trip to Copenhagen where the expectation is that he will cite global warming in pledging to reduce U.S. energy consumption and make us a poorer nation.

A central, if not the central, character in the scandal is Michael Mann, who is director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State. Mann has been selected  as one of the 50 leading visionaries in Science and Technology by Scientific American,

This fraud  is being played out as though the cover has never been blown by the dying propagandists unaware of their loss of importance.  KYW is reporting that “Pa. Ranks 5th for Most Global Warming Pollution” but when I searched the site I could not find a mention of Mann or Eat Anglia or Climategate, which is what the scandal is being called.

Inky Still Mum On Global Warming Scam

Didn’t see a line in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer regarding the now five-day old story showing how respected proponents of the theory that man-made emissions are causing a catastrophic warming of the globe cooked the data to make their case.

And this is despite one of the central characters, Michael E. Mann, getting some of Pennsylania’s tax dollars funneled to him as the director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State.

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness

Ahmed Hashim Abed was the mastermind of the March 2004 murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards in Fallujah, Iraq. He was finally captured Sept. 3 by Navy SEALs

So do the SEALs get medals, citations and a hero’s parade? No. Three of them are facing charges because Abed got a bloodly lip. The SEALs are refusing non-judicial punishment and are demanding a trial by court-martial.

I guess if the SEALs want sympathy from the powers-that-be they should join a radical Islamic group and counsel soldiers not to fight.

Ahmed Hashim Abed — Words Fail At The Shamefulness of the Obama Administration

Ahmed Hashim Abed -- Words Fail At The Shamefulness

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway?

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway? — The controversy involving Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Bishop Thomas Tobin who heads the diocese in which Kennedy lives raises the question as to why the Congressman would think the matter is important.

On Feb. 21, 2007, the Bishop told the Congressman he should not receive the sacrament of Holy Communion due to Kennedy’s political positions implicitly regarding abortion.

Kennedy revealed the action in an interview with The Providence Journal published Sunday describing it as a ban.

Bishop Tobin pointed out that it was a not a political but a pastoral action he took involving the Congressman and that he had not intended for it to be made public.

Catholic clergy generally don’t take much issue with politicians reluctant to pass laws turning women who have abortions into criminals. It’s when the politicians start trying to promote the act — calling it a “right”, funding it, distorting the motivations of opponents, giving abortionist privileges not available to real healers such as acting without parental consent or withholding parental notification —  that the Church notes that a line has been crossed.

Kennedy has clearly crossed it as have many other politicians  who call themselves Catholic and who seem offended at being forbidden the sacrament.

OTOH, if it’s hard for one to understand the teaching “Thou Shalt Not Kill” it’s probably impossible for one to understand transubstantiation.

Why Did Kennedy Want Communion Anyway?

Penn State Prof Part Of Global Warming Scandal

Katrina Anderson at the Commonwealth Foundation is reporting among those whose discrediting emails have been found in the hacked documents from the Britain’s Hadley Climatic Research Centre is Penn State’s director of Earth System Science Center, Michael E. Mann.

The documents show that top researchers from around the world fudged data indicating that the world was dramatically warming.




Penn State Prof Part Of Global Warming Scandal

Kevin Johnson Scandal Would Be Headlines If Party Started With An R

Kevin Johnson Scandal — The mid-June firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin led to the release of a report, Nov. 20, involving sex, money, politics and basketball that would be a major story on every dying newspaper and network if the players had happened to be Republican.

Walpin found financial shenanigans in AmeriCorps — a federal public works program started by Bill Clinton– and was fired by President Obama without regard to protocol.

Kevin Johnson Scandal Would Be Headlines If Party Started With An RThose doing the shenanigans were Democrats with close connections to Obama.

Republicans managed to get a congressional investigation and the report by Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa and Congressmen Darrell Issa (Ca-49), the ranking minority members of the Senate Finance Committee and  House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform — in case you were unaware the Democrats have controlled both House and Senate since 2007 — is kind of fun.

Former NBA star Kevin Johnson ran the non-profit St. Hope School which received AmeriCorps money and had employees that were paid with AmeriCorp money.

Walpin was looking into allegations that Johnson used these employees to wash his car, run errands and participate in political activities. Johnson, who is now mayor of Sacramento, is a big supporter of Obama.

Well, now is where it gets good.

It turns out that these personal errands included requests for sex. When an AmeriCorps worker objected, Johnson started paying her off. With our tax dollars, of course. Now, the St. Hope Board of Directors included Michelle Rhee who runs the public school system for Washington D.C. and it was to Ms. Rhee that the young lady made a complaint. It was soon after the young lady received a visit from Johnson’s lawyer and the money started coming in.

And, for what it’s worth, Ms. Rhee and Johnson are now engaged.

As fun a story as this might be, don’t look for it in the Philadelphia Inquirer. They still haven’t mentioned Governor X.

Regarding Jaime’s comment below: The Issa/Grassley report describes the victims as students at one point but quotes a school official as calling one of the victims an “AmeriCorps Member”.

Here’s a link to a story describing the sexual molestation incident from the ’90s. The story says the age of the girl was 16.


Kevin Johnson Scandal

How Low Can You Go? Thefts At A Craft Show!

A long-time participant at the just-ended craft show to benefit the band at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Marple Township Pa. told me that for the first time there were thefts at the event.

Now, what was stolen was not money or jewelry but hand-made crafts of the type  people buy for unique Christmas gifts and home touches. It looks like an inside job since the thefts happened overnight.

Probably not much comfort to the hard-working victims but they must be pretty good crafters.

Dem Health Bill Is Inefficient Answer To Inefficiency

The Senate Democrats, last night, voted to open debate on a health care bill that the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost $979 billion over the next 10 years.

The vote came without any Republican support with 39 opposing and George Voinovich of Ohio not voting. The Republicans do not have enough votes by themselves to filibuster the bill to stop it.

Pennsylvania’s senators, Bob Casey and Arlen Specter, are Democrats.

The Democrats note that the CBO says the act will reduce the federal deficit by $130 billion.

Those who are not Democrat senators don’t seem to be buying it. Not even David Broder of the Washington Post who cites groups such as the Concord Coalition and The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget as among the skeptics.

And after 10 years? Well, the conservative Heritage Foundation estimates the cost over 20 years to be $4.9 trillion.

But despite what Democrats believe, government is not yet the entire economy, and most frighteningly the CBO estimates

that the total cost of intergovernmental mandates would greatly exceed the annual threshold established in the (Unfunded Mandates Reform Act.) See page 18.

The Senate bill, after all, would be funded by increasing fees on insurance companies, drugmakers, medical device manufacturers, hiking the Medicare payroll tax to 1.95 percent on income over $200,000 for indviduals ($250,000 for couples), a 5 percent tax on elective surgery, an excise tax on insurance companies, fees on employers whose workers receive government subsidies to buy insurance, “fines” on those who fail to buy coverage, and cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Insurance companies, drugmakers etc. are going to pass on the cost and the rich are going to have less to spend and invest albeit many Americans don’t seem to be able to understand that.

Don’t forget what the point of this bill is supposed to be: paying for the uninsured who are now getting medical care via emergency rooms. Granted that’s not the most efficient way of doing it, but greatly hiking cost to cut services doesn’t seem to be a very efficient answer.

The bill still must be passed by the Senate, reconciled with the House and signed by President Obama.