A Post Racial Society Threatened?


Lauglin Group,
WHYY, Pat Buchanan and Monica
Crowley said that the NAACP has greatly damaged the possibility of
the U.S. becoming post racial by saying there are some elements in
the Tea Party Movement that are racist and that the Tea Party
Movement should address these elements. The NAACP has been accused
of having some racist elements within it also, after they said this,
and told they should address those elements. Of course this was done by a black member of the Tea Party.  I think that the
correct response should have just been, “We will do that.”

all of the arguing and strife over what is obviously true from some
behavior at several rallies. Is it too much for people to expect to
not be spat on and called by racial slurs in our society? And does
becoming a post racial society mean allowing people to spit on you
and call you racial names and not saying anything about it? Is a
person organizing himself to protect himself from racist attacks
being racist? The civility, respect, and decency seems to have
totally disappeared and people seem to just want to strive, argue,
and win by any means possible. 


Unfortunately, in a society that is
democratic and depends on people working together to support the
common good and commonwealth of the nation, such infighting doesn’t
work. My mother once told me that you have to be careful about what
you say when you are angry. Sometimes you can hurt a person so badly
that you can never take what you said back, even if you said it out
of anger and really didn’t mean it.

CEOs Make Millions — We Spend Millions

Sarah Anderson, President of the Institute for Public Study, has discovered through research that CEOs from the companies with the most job cuts made more money, Twelve Million Dollars more, on average, than other CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies who maintain the well being of the company and workers.  Anderson also reports that it is customary to lay off workers during the years of the highest profit.  These job cuts boost the profits and add up to more money in the pocket of CEOs.

Later, due to the displacement of workers and needing to train new workers to take their place, it costs the company more money, but the CEOs are only interested in short term profit and are rewarded for it.  What happens to these laid off people?  We end up paying for them in unemployment, underemployment, the ripple affect when mortgages fail, and through the loss of tax revenues.

The Mosque

I think they should build the mosque.  Bill and I hardly ever disagree but in this case I say build that mosque and Community Center there so kids can meet, community groups can rent office space at a low rate, people can work out and they can bring a vibrant socially responsive environment to that area.  We should build some Freedom of Speech Zones for the protestors that are about a mile away like the zones at the Democratic Convention and let them stand out in some field somewhere and holler as much as they want.  Better yet, let them write letters to their Representatives and see how much that does.  If Pat Roberston is against it, I’m for it.

The Mosque Protest is a Waste of Time We Need Correction Not Change

Sometimes people protest the wrong things.  All of that energy wasted while employment rises and health care increases talking about mosques, whether the President is American, the latest winner on America’s Got Talent while unemployment is constantly rising–to almost 50% in some inner city areas.  A few weeks ago it was reported that Obama designated 600 million dollars to protect the border.  Why can’t he find any money for job creation and educational grants, or a failing healthcare system for Americans who don’t have insurance and even have it.  My insurance is horrible.  I have a five thousand dollar deductable.  What kind of insurance is that?  The current economic problems are more about priorities than lack of funds.  For six hundred million dollars you could build a new nation on an island and let illegals live there.  Why not give them Arizona?  It hasn’t done anything except create bad laws and senators.   I don’t mean to upset all of the people who love Arizona, in fact I think I know both of them, but it could go.  But then the U.S. citizens would be forced to show their papers because the Mexican border will have crossed over them and enveloped them.   Wait a minute.  Since Arizona used to be part of Mexico–that’s what happened to a lot of the Mexican-Americans who live there and have to show their papers.  That is really lame.

Welcome John Gilmore

Welcome John Gilmore, who is BillLawrenceOnline.Com’s first guest author.

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John is a Unitarian minister and school teacher who grew up in Chester, Pa. and his views may not be what you are used to on this site.

Diversity, however, is not what this site fears.

So, again welcome John.

Which World do You Want to Live in?

There have been horrible protests taking place in New York City and all over the country because some of our fellow citizens would like to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero (the former site of the Twin Towers and five blocks away from their present mosque they have outgrown) in New York.  Several people have been protesting.  They feel insulted that that group would dare to want to build a mosque there, mainly because it is Islamic.


In the street day after day we find people protesting, almost coming to blows because this mosque is moving from 12th to 2nd St. and building a community center.  Some protest for religious freedom, to allow the to build the mosque.  Others protest in the name of patriotism, thinking that the Moslems are all guilty for the attack on the Twin Towers.  It is a real fiasco. 



In contrast 

Moslems, Christians, Mormons, Unitarian Universalists, and various other religious organizations, met together at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Philadelphia to provide for the homeless, poor, and unemployed.  Thousands of people who were in need showed up.  


While all of the fighting and bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred are being played out  the real religious people who are dedicated to the principles of love, are working to make the world better by providing for the poor and broken-hearted.  I think it is important nowadays to find a group  that does similar things.  I want to be a part of that group.

All the anger, hollering and fighting to stop people from building a religious institution and community center has little to do with God and much to do with unresolved anger and deeply entrenched egos.

What can we do about this?  Find a group working to heal the world so you can channel your creativity into that.  Leave a great legacy to your children and grandchildren;  a legacy of a better world and the memory of a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who made the right decision, when times got rough, and stood on the side of love.  For love is all that we really have to improve things.  The ability to love and to create is probably the most important thing that we can give to the next generation.   The self-righteousness is something we should just as soon leave behind.

Dr. John W. Gilmore


Live Free Pa. Is A Week Away

Live Free Pa. Is A Week Away — The Commonwealth Foundation’s celebration of “freedoms we enjoy but are under attack by Harrisburg and Washington” is 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., May 8, at the Elstonville Sportsman’s Association in Manheim.

Live Free Pa. comes with breakfast, lunch,beer, shooting activities, cigars and live rock ‘n’ roll by Jump the Gun and features a chance to shoot up a car.

Obviously the beer and cigars are for attendees over 21.

Cost is $65 for shooters and $40 for non-shooters.  The car shoot is extra.

To register email ajg@commonwealthfoundation.org; call 717-671-1901; or go here .

Live Free Pa. Is A Week Away

Fleeing Pennsylvania In 2009

Fleeing Pennsylvania In 2009 The Commonwealth Foundation is noting that Pennsylvania is the third-most fled state on Allied Van Lines 42nd Annual Magnet States Report behind Michigan and Illinois.

Rounding out the top five are California and New Jersey.

The top five with a net in-migration are Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado and Florida.

Fleeing Pennsylvania In 2009