Delco GOP Chair Blames Trump, LOLs Keep Coming

Delco GOP Chair Blames Trump, LOLs Keep Coming — Outgoing Delaware County (Pa) Chair Tom McGarrigle blamed his party’s poor showing on Donald Trump in an interview with Channel 10.

“It’s time for the Republican Party to move beyond Donald Trump,” McGarrigle said. “. . . Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and in Delaware County we started losing elections you know in 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.”

Well, no.

And you started losing because you began putting up crap candidates, laughing at the wishes of your constituents and ignoring the county’s changing demographics.

A lot of those Blacks moving into Upper Darby think more like Trump voters than Radnorites. Where was the outreach?

Delco GOP Chair Blames Trump, LOLs Keep Coming
Look in the mirror, man

It’s called lazy, Tom. And stupid.

You didn’t need to get them all to make a difference.

Regarding this last election, where were your ads tying Josh Shapiro to the special interests screwing up the lives of the middle class? How about his persecution of The Little Sisters of the Poor.

He was beating up The Little Sisters of the Poor and you couldn’t make an issue about that.

It was almost as though you were a Republican for Shapiro.

And you have the audacity to blame Trump.

And why the silence on the very real concerns about vote fraud in Delco?

You issued a release on Oct. 31, 2020 that at least two duly elected Judges of Election found their voter books had been given to others by the County Election Board and the Election Board couldn’t say who. It’s a rather serious violation, you would think. Good for you for pointing it out. We were kind of expecting a little bit more though. The matter sort of disappeared. You gonna blame Trump for that?

Delco has become a national scandal with regard to elections. It’s the subject of YouTube videos and best-selling books. We get why you might not want to sign onto the claims completely but there’s nothing wrong with asking questions and expressing warranted skepticism at the county’s lame counter-claims.

You can rip Trump but not Jack Stollsteimer? No wonder why the Democrats like you.

We see Channel 10 did not call you chairman or boss but chair. As in something you sit on.

McGarrigle is stepping down Nov. 29 and an election is scheduled that day to replace him. We hear Dave White is the guy tapped. We don’t expect much to change.

Delco GOP Chair Blames Trump, LOLs Keep Coming

One thought on “Delco GOP Chair Blames Trump, LOLs Keep Coming”

  1. An elephant never forgets what the Delco RINOs did in 2015. That’s when a lot of the trouble started, and they didn’t learn.

    To blame Trump is a cop out. It’s the MAGA Republicans that are the only ones getting the vote out. I’m sure more America First GOP voters held their nose and voted Oz than did the RINO swamp establishment types, many who actively campaigned against our candidates. That is on Tabbas and McGarrigal. To blame Trump is absurd.

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