Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems

Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems — It’s being reported that establishment Republican stalwart Jeff Bartos and his wife, Sheryl, attended a Sept. 21 fundraiser for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

Who is surprised by this?

The Democrat and Republican establishments are the same people. Check out this old story about Stradley Ronon. Shapiro at the time was the Philadelphia lobbying law firm’s counsel and Val DiGiorgio, who ran Chesco’s GOP and would become the state GOP chairman, headed its banking and public finance sections.

Bartos runs in the same circles as does Jim Greenwood and Craig Snyder and Robert Jubelirer as does Michael Chertoff and Mario Civera.

These are the guys that make your lives harder.

If you want your lives to be easier vote for the guy they don’t want.

That would be Doug Mastriano.

He is running as a Republican.

As if party labels still matter.

Hat tip Susan-Jane Goldner

Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems
Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems

5 thoughts on “Jeff Bartos Wants Shapiro It Seems”

    1. You have been conned. His bff is the witch Liz Preate, also a self-proclaimed non-conservative who supports Shapiro for Governor. Not another dime to either party, to the uniparty deep state swamp establishment in PA. So corrupt and vile!

  1. Here are two more “Republicans” who want Shapiro to win:

    Liz Havey, current chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party. She wants to be attorney general. She can’t get there unless Shapiro gets out. Why do you think Heather Heidelbaugh lost to Shapiro overnight two years ago?

    Joe Gale, minority commissioner on the Montco Board of Commissioners. He thinks if Shapiro wins, Shapiro will take Arkoosh as PA Secretary of Health and Lawrence as some lackey. That would leave Joe as the only remaining commissioner. Joe thinks he will then be the Chair of the Montco Commissioners. Don’t you think they have a plan in place, Joe? You will not move up to chair.

    Montgomery County Republicans and Democrats: blurred lines.

  2. The guy had cache with Republican voters, and clearly cut his deal with the Democrats in Washington, who hate Mastriano’s guts and want him to lose. If Shapiro wins, I’d bet someone close to him gets an ambassadorship, or similar big-shot federal position, early next year. Some kind of platform for him to peddle influence that will last through 2024 and maybe beyond. It’s the same old game.

  3. He has built up cache with PA Republicans. That makes him valuable to D.C. Democrats who hate Doug Mastriani because he’s viewed (correctly) as a Trump loyalist. So, as I read between the lines, they probably bought the guy off with a promise of an ambassadorship or some other high federal office, to commence in January, but only if Shapiro wins. He’ll then use it as a platform for the selling of influence, at least through 2024 and hopefully beyond. That’s the kind of games that go on among the elites of the political classes. But Mastriani is popular and this is a bad year for Democrats. So, we shall see.

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