Primary 2022 Part 2

Primary 2022 Part 2

By Bob Small

As discussed in a previous post, there was a Democracy Unplugged which, briefly became Delco Debates.

This change was due to some internecine fighting over goals and outcomes.  For context, in the mid-70’s I was briefly in some political party that could be called The East Philadelphia Socialist Concept, where three of us felt if  we could only overthrow the other three, then we could begin the Revolution.  Well this is what happened to Democracy Unplugged.  That, and we actually helped, albeit slightly, influence an actual election.

My guide to following these more interesting, less electable Candidates has always been

To follow the congressional races, go to “Governor and Statewide races” and locate Pennsylvania in the US Map, then scroll down past Gov, Lt. Gov and Senator to Congressional Races.  Tapping the name of a Candidate will lead you to his/her Facebook or Twitter page or website. 

We stopped at the 5th Congressional District, last time but now we’ll skip up to CD 12 and Republican Don Neville, the only tattoo artist on the whole CD Candidate list. He sees himself as an antidote to the “socialist/progressives” in this election.  He also advocates “parents rights to educational decisions”.

Primary 2022 Part 2

CD 14 only lists one Candidate, incumbent Guy Reschenthaler.  In this case, I blame theDemocrats for not fielding an opposition candidate.  Maybe my fellow Greens or the Libs can get someone on the Ballot by the August deadline.

CD 15 lists Libertarian Liz Terwilliger who believes in core Libertarian values “I believe in minimal government.  Government’s role is to protect and secure individual rights”

She works as a speech-language pathologist,

CD 16 has a farmer, Rick Telesz, running under the Democratic banner.  He sits on the steering committee for Rural Voices USA. He also sits on the PA Soybean Board, etc.

CD 17  includes Democratic Candidate Sean Meloy, who champions LGBTQ rights and is a member of the DNC.  If elected, he would be the first openly Gay member of Congress from Pennsylvania  If elected, he promises to hold corporations and special interests accountable.

CD 18 was eliminated in 2022, due to the 2020 Census. Democrat Mike Doyle had the honor of being the very last congressperson for this district.

Primary 2022 Part 2

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