Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same — The odious Richard B. Spencer who has became the face of the “alt right” has the same views about things as Margaret Sanger.

He is a racist, an atheist and supports unrestricted abortion because he feels it means fewer minorities.

Just like Sanger.

He may be right that Obama’s immigration policy was bad news — tell us again what is good about Jihadists living here — but otherwise he completely creeps us out.

He has far more in common with the pro-abortion, atheistic left.  We wouldn’t even be surprised to learn he thought the Second Amendment didn’t apply to blacks — a view historically held by progressive types.

Spencer and Antifa deserve each other.

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

Richard Spencer Margaret Sanger Same

Seth Williams Third Term Dream Ends

Seth Williams Third Term Dream Ends — Philly D.A. Seth Williams announced this morning (Feb. 10)  that he won’t seek a third term.

Seth Williams Third Term Dream Ends
Seth Williams

The Philadelphia Board of Ethics, last month, fined him $62,000 — its largest fine ever — for violations, including failing to disclose gifts and income, and accepting gifts from prohibited sources.

Williams cited the action as the reason for making this his last term.

“I have made regrettable mistakes in my personal life and personal financial life that cast an unnecessary shadow,” he said.

Williams, who is the city’s first black District Attorney, was known for his willingness to ignore Democrat taboos. He brought down long-protected serial killer abortionist Kermit Gosnell and he refused to let Pennsylvania’s dirty Attorney General Kathleen Kane cry racism to escape her wrongdoing.

We suspect that if Williams played ball with Democrat limousine liberals he’d still have his career. Ed Rendell was never stopped, after all.

You might think the Republicans would snag Williams off the waiver wire and give him a shot at a comeback but don’t expect that. The Republican leadership shares the same clubhouse with the Democrat limo libs.


Seth Williams Third Term Dream Ends

Pro Choice Pigs Back Hillary Clinton

Pro Choice Pigs — The Clintons and the corporations are pushing the meme that bans or restrictions on abortion are “anti-woman”.

Pro Choice Pigs
He’s with her.

This is epic Orwellian wordplay.

The men most inclined to treat women as sex toys are invariably “pro choice”.

Why do Larry Flynt and Gloria Steinem support the same candidates? Why is Jeffery Epstein a friend of the Clintons? Why do rap musicians and Hollywood “players” back Democrats, often only because of their position on abortion?

You don’t need to be Einstein to connect the dots.

The motivations of those who are pro life are also not hard to fathom. All decent persons believe that there is an obligation to protect the weak and helpless. All with an IQ above room temperature understand that life indisputably starts somewhere.

You ever notice that it is the “pro choice” crowd that goes to extremes to avoid discussing where that somewhere might be?

What is hard to fathom, however, is why women somehow are supposed to think that it is in their interest to tell men that the baby they’re carrying is none of their business.

Donald Trump was a Hollywood-connected billionaire who obviously did his share of things that were wrong. Unlike his fellow one-percenters, though, he seems to understand this and is willing to make amends.

If you have a soul, he’s basically your only choice in this election.

Pro Choice Pigs



William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-8-16

Amy Elliot and Kate Elliot twins in IrelandKate and Amy Elliot are twins living in Waterford, Ireland. Amy was born June 1, 2012 four months premature. Kate was born 87 days later in the usual 36th week of pregnancy. It should be noted that Amy was born in the 23 week and if she lived in the United States would have had no legal protection due to the powerful and profitable abortion lobby.

Amy Elliot William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-8-16

Doritos Ad Angers Abortion Lovers

Doritos Ad Angers Abortion Lovers — Doritos ran a funny Super Bowl ad which featured a father teasing his unborn child seen on an ultrasound with a Doritos chip. Doritos Ad Angers Abortion Lovers

It has outraged the nation’s abortion lovers.

NARAL Pro-Choice America, the political advocacy group for the abortion industry, immediately took to Twitter after it ran saying:

– that ad using tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight.

These people are beyond vile. It is a disgrace they have the influence they do in our society.

Here is the ad:

Next time, I’m in grocery store I’ll get a bag of Doritos.

Doritos Ad Angers Abortion Lovers

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer
Planned Parenthood shooter Richard Dear identified himself as a woman.

Bob Small sent me a note regarding comments made by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee this morning (Nov. 29) on CNN’s “State of the Union” concerning Friday’s shootings at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

“What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to us in the pro-life movement, because there’s nothing about any of us that would condone or in any way look the other way on something like this,” Huckabee said.

Megadittos Governor. No decent person can defend this sickness.

We are still not quite willing to give the incident the T label until more information comes out as we may find that the shooter, 57-year-old Richard Dear, might fall into the “I hear voices” category rather than someone with a religious or political agenda.

It has been learned to the dismay of some that Dear, an ugly bearded man, identified himself as a woman on his voter registration  form and did not affiliate with a political party.

He also has a long history of violence and petty violations.

It seems wiser  to have the taxonomy of evil  categorize “terrorism” as something requiring more planning than whim else just about every act of violence could be labeled such.

And the police have been careful about speculating about Dear’s motive.

Regardless, Dear is scum and as he was taken alive we will soon learn his motives and the amount of thought he put into the attack.

And here’s a quite inappropriate but rather important question for those of us concerned about the integrity of the voting process to ask: Was Dear, who identified himself as a female voter, allowed to vote?

Conservatives Blast Colorado Killer




Abortion School Shooting Connection

Chris Harper-Mercer
Chris Harper-Mercer

There have been 24 U.S. school shootings by our count of the list at Wikipedia involving five or more injuries or deaths since Anthony F. Barbaro shot passersby at random from a window at Olean (N.Y.) High School in 1974 killing three and wounding 11.

There had been school massacres before, notably the University of Texas shootings by Charles Whitman in 1966 and the bizarre Bath School disaster in 1927 in which a demonic school official spent months planting bombs in the building to maximize tragedy, but otherwise the violence was targeted and personal.

That, of course, has  changed.

Yesterday (Oct. 1), an anti-Christian named Chris Harper-Mercer murdered nine — or 11 depending on the source — students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., and wounded several others. Before the killing Harper-Mercer asked his victims their religion. Those who said “Christian” he shot in the head. Those who said otherwise he shot in the leg.

So what has caused this change in society? Was it access to guns? Access to guns were arguably easier before 1974 especially for youths. Barbaro was on his school’s rifle team.

So no, it is not access to guns.

What has changed, though, is our culture.

Our respect for life has disappeared.

We tell young men that protecting the innocent is no longer something they should aspire to do.

We have powerful people in government, media and academia shrug their shoulder at revelations of the weak and helpless being harvested for body parts. It’s worse than that actually. The actively defend the organization that does such monstrous things, and insist it be rewarded with public money.

We have state officials protecting mass murder if it is politically fashionable.

It isn’t a coincidence that the school shooting epidemic didn’t start until after our Supreme Court declared abortion to be a “right”.

We start holding once again that the existence of God is an axiom, and that we have individual rights granted by our Creator, and that the rest of us have an obligation to protect the rights of others, especially those that can’t defend themselves, the epidemic will end.

If we continue the path we are now on, things are going to get a lot worse.

Abortion School Shooting Connection

Office Depot Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Office Depot Anti-Catholic BigotryUpdate: Office Depot CEO and Roland Smith has apologized. “We sincerely apologize to Ms. Goldstein for her experience and our initial reaction was not at all related to her religious beliefs,” he said. “We invite her to return to Office Depot if she still wishes to print the flier.”

It should be noted that Office Depot assistant general counsel Robert A. Amicone and corporate spokeswoman Karen Denning initially defended the decision.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life composed a prayer for the elimination of the abortion industry and the conversion of those whose hearts are hardened to support it.

Maria Goldstein thought it would be nice to distribute it at her Catholic parish’s Sunday mass and ordered 500 copies of it at the Office Depot in Schaumburg, Ill.

Office Depot refused do it. It violated corporate policy it claimed. The prayer advocated religious discrimination it claimed. Yes, they actually said that without even comprehending the irony.

And the corporate headquarter people are defending the decision so we can’t blame some misguided store manager.

Pope Francis gets criticized by conservatives for the things he has said about American corporations and that is quite unfair as he is dead right.

Our big businesses are more often than not run by selfish people with distinctly anti-Christian mindsets.

The strident advocacy for gay marriage and the ensuing corporate celebration of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision is mind-boggling from the economic standpoint.  It’s not, though, if those that run things think their gravy train will last forever and don’t want to be bound by old-fashioned morality regarding how to treat spouses, employees and others whom they think can’t retaliate.

But gravy trains don’t run forever and consequences are never ultimately escaped.

Ms. Goldstein is preparing legal action against Office Depot. It really doesn’t matter if she is successful in forcing them to do the right thing via this route.

Office Depot will not escape the consequences of its bigotry. The knowledge of what they did will quietly and slowly become known to the tens of millions of Americans who feel the very profitable “non-profit” abortion business is vile and tens of millions of Americans will put Office Depot last on the list when seeking the services it provides. This decision-making change won’t be announced or declared or even be a full-fledged boycott. They will see something they want in an Office Depot ad and they will look for it online or at Staples or at Walmart first.

Yes, shareholders, it will affect the bottom line.

Here is Father Pavone’s pro-life prayer that offended the corporate suits:

Lord, for whom all things are possible,
We are confronted once again today
With the evil of the abortion industry
And the corruption found
In the world’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood.

Lord, we pray for all who plan to be parents,
And we ask your mercy on those
Who teach others to reject parenthood.
In the light of your Word, Lord,
We affirm today that children are a blessing from you,
And that the origin of all parenthood
Is likewise in You, the God of life and love.
Therefore, Oh God,
We stand against the evil that has been exposed
In Planned Parenthood
And in the entire abortion industry.
We stand today for the triumph
Of truth over falsehood,
Of light over darkness,
And of life over death.
Bring an end to the killing of children in the womb,
And bring an end to the sale of their body parts.
Bring conversion to all who do this,
And enlightenment to all who advocate it.
Close the doors of the death camps in our midst,
And open the doors of your mercy and healing!
Close the grisly trade in baby body parts,
And open the abundant gifts of your salvation and life!
Hasten the day when our land
Will no longer be stained with innocent blood,
And when the bodies of all your children
Will be raised from the dead
And set free forever.

We pray in the name of Jesus the Lord. Amen!

Office Depot Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

The videos released by Center for Medical Progress (CMP) showing monstrous behavior by the once-esteemed Planned Parenthood have been reported as “heavily edited” by the pro-abortion lapdogs in the old media. Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

Well, that’s what Planned Parenthood paid for. The vile organization hired Fusion GPS, a left-wing public relations firm, to try and spin them out of their difficulty. They came up with the idea to push that the videos were “heavily edited.”

CMP has at least 12 hours of video and most of it is available for those that want to wade through it.

To say the videos that establish that Planned Parenthood sold the parts of the bodies of the human beings they killed are “heavily edited” is like saying surveillance video showing a hold up at a drug store was heavily edited because it didn’t include the entire day.

Planned Parenthood Sold Spin

Teacher Sues PSEA

Teacher Sues PSEALinda Misja is suing the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) one of the most powerful and cynical political organizations in the state.

Ms. Misja is a highly regarded French teacher at Bellefonte Area High School who has opted out of the school’s bargaining unit but is still required by state law to pay a “fair share” fee which is automatically deducted from her paycheck. The union is only allowed to use this money for collective bargaining and representational activities of the union. They are not allowed to use fair share fees for  non-union matters.

Ms. Misja, however, points out that the PSEA has taken stands on matters unrelated to collective bargaining and representation — especially with regard to its support for unrestricted abortion. SShe doesn’t want to contribute anything to it because of that.

State law allows for religious objectors to donate money equivalent to the fair share fee to a non-religious charity.

Ms. Misja tried that. She sought to use her fee — about $2,000 — to help fund  a charity that cares for teenage mothers in a pro-life environment. No can do, says the union. That would be “too religious.” She could only give to a group that provides the option for abortion.

So Ms. Misja offered to give the money to a non-profit group that teaches gun safety, which certainly put the PSEA on the spot. Oppose it, and it reveals to the world that they are naked hypocrites and that its agenda has nothing to do with fairness but everything to do with advancing leftism.

They opposed it. They said it was too political as the group had a connection to the National Rifle Association.

So Ms. Misja is taking them to court and we hope and pray that she wins big.

And we hope and pray that people wake up an realize how wrong automatic deductions of all workers dues are as they are invariable used to increase the wealth of leaders and support political agendas not in the workers’ best interest.

Teacher sues PSEA hat tip Matt Brouillette of Commonwealth Foundation.

Teacher Sues PSEA