Pennsylvania Bathroom Bills

Pennsylvania Bathroom BillsPennsylvania Bathroom Bills — A pair of very stupid bills were introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature last fall that would give emotionally disturbed males legal access to all public women’s rooms.

SB 974 has been sitting in the Senate’s State Government Committee since Sept. 8, as has HB 1510 in the House counterpart.

Biology is reality. Other people’s feelings matter. If a person born a male — which means he is a male — is uncomfortable using a man’s restroom he has an emotional issue and you can feel sorry for him. One has to recognize, however, that women have feelings too and most — the overwhelming majority we suspect — would feel very uncomfortable about him entering their private space.

And this is leaving aside the impossibility of weeding out males who merely claim to identify as female to enter ladies rooms.

Target gave men by-right access to the ladies rooms at their stores and have found it to be very bad business.

Voting for these bills would be very bad politics.

And that means you too, Scott Wagner.

Pennsylvania Bathroom Bills