Killary Clinton, Did He Say That?

We swear we heard President Trump call her Killary Clinton at tonight’s (June 18) fantastic speech in Orlando kicking off his re-election campaign .

Sure sounds like it. Listen yourself. It’s about at the 51:15 mark

Killary Clinton
Killary Clinton?

Who knows, maybe she will get locked up as she so deeply deserves.

Workable Wealth Tax Can Be Found

Workable Wealth Tax Can Be Found — Democrat Presidential candidates are pushing a wealth tax which means making the rich pay their fair share . They have a point. We’ve conceived our own wealth tax. It’s just, won’t harm the economy and will make the rich pay their fair share.

  1. Means test congressional salaries. No congressman or senator with a net worth of seven figures should receive the $174,000 congressional salary. Regarding the $174,000 salary, see point 4.
  2. Limit public pensions to $60,000. This is more than three times the average Social Security payment.
  3. Yes, state pensions must be limited also.
  4. Public salaries must be limited to $99,000.
  5. Salaries for those working in non profit institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania or Penn State must be limited to $99,000 else they lose non-profit status.
  6. Salaries for those in organizations receiving tax-funded grants must be limited to $99,000.
  7. Those who pretend to be American Indians when registering for a Bar Association must be surcharged 90 percent of their $18 million net worth which will be given to needy people on reservations. By the way Liz, that will still leave you with almost $2 million which is still pretty sweet. We’ll grant, however, that it will disqualify you from your legislative salary. See point 1.
Workable Wealth Tax Can Be Found
A wealth tax Elizabeth Warren and her $18 million would love. Not.

Children, socialism is a scam used by lying, greedy sociopaths who say they want to help the poor and fight for justice but in their hearts only want wealth, power and luxury.

Fidel Castro was worth about $900 million when he died. The net worth of Maria Gabriela Chávez, who is the daughter of Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan socialist strongman, is $4.2 billion.

And see point 7.

Workable Wealth Tax Can Be Found

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

By Leo Knepper

In 2018, over 50,000 students were denied education scholarships through the EITC (Education Improvement Tax Credit) and OSTC (Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit) due to a lack of funds thanks to statutory limits. There is currently a waiting list of eligible businesses willing to provide $80 million to the programs in exchange for the tax credits offered. Who could possibly think that standing in the way of expanding educational opportunities is a good idea? The answer is, sadly, Governor Tom Wolf.

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools
Does he really hate children that much? Yes, yes he does.

Almost immediately after passage, Governor Wolf announced his intention to veto HB 800. The legislation would have increased the EITC and OSTC limits by a combined $100 million. The bill would have also expanded scholarship eligibility to include more middle-class families. Despite his lofty rhetoric that a zip code shouldn’t determine the quality of a student’s education, his veto guaranteed that children will be trapped in failing schools. Pennsylvania currently spends more than $16,000 per student, on average, per year. Despite that amount being well over the national average, too many schools fail to provide the education that students deserve.
The EITC and OSTC provide assistance to families who live in school districts that underperform and allow students an opportunity to reach their full potential. Our friends at the Commonwealth Foundation estimated that the increased tax credits and eligibility requirements in HB 800 would have benefited 90,000 students over the next five years.
Expanding educational opportunities and empowering parents should be a bipartisan issue, but it isn’t. Thanks to the opposition from teachers’ unions and their allies in the Governor’s Mansion and General Assembly, Pennsylvania’s students pay the price.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Wolf Condemns Children To Failed Schools

Plant vines William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-18-19

Plant vines William W. Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-18-19

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Answer to yesterday’s puzzle: A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.
Frank Lloyd Wright

 A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.
Frank Lloyd Wright