Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

By Bob Small

I had almost forgotten my previous days with a community garden in Philly (she was a blonde, too) when my wife (#3 but who’s counting) decided that now that we’re retired we can start a vegetable garden, along with some fruit trees. Borough Swarthmore fought us on the fruit trees but went down to defeat.

This brings us to Nov. 2 in the state of Maine, a secessionist state –from Massachusetts in 1820– which recently passed Question 3 by 60 percent of the vote. Briefly, this gives individuals “the right to produce, harvest, and consume their own food.”

State Rep William Faulkingham (R-136) give a rather long-winded support of this. Jumping ahead 25 to 30 years into the future, could we see our government creating roadblocks and restrictions to the peoples right to food?

Will Monsanto own all the seeds?

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Opoosition ranged from valid concerns to well….

While Katie Hansberry (Maine State Director of the Humane Society) brought up the possibility of lifestock cruelty unlimited by animal cruelty laws, Janelle D. Tirrell (Maine Veterinary Medical Association) queried “Does this mean I can keep a cow in my Portland Apartment? Can I slaughter pigs in my front yard?”

While Maine chose to constitutionalize these rights, only a handful of other states have these rights, Pennsylvania not being one. Thus cities and municipalities can try and determine what you can and cannot grow, Of course you can always appeal this but who has the time and money to take the long way around just to grow apples and tomatoes, etc.

Further, Pennsylvania does not grant a Constitutional right to hunt or fish, as half our states do, but the state does sell fishing ($22,90) and hunting ($20.97) licenses.

I seem to remember that the Pennsylvania Legislature unofficially closed on the first day of hunting season.

You can also continue to purchase raw milk in Pennsylvania — until big Farma prevents that.

So, in Pennsylvania, you may grow and consume your own fruit and vegetables
but you do this at your own risk of legal ramifications.

And Monsanto may be watching.

Right To Bear Fruit Established In Maine

Job Turnaround Hopes Realistic?

Job Turnaround Hopes Realistic?

By Joe Guzzardi

The October Bureau of Labor Statistics report showed that the economy boomed forward with a higher than anticipated 531,000 new jobs, a good sign for workers across the board. Wall Street analysts had predicted that 450,000 jobs would be added.

Private payrolls jumped 604,000 while the unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent from 4.8 percent. BLS also revised up the total jobs for August and September by 235,000 in part because it recalculated seasonal factors. The economy registered its strongest growth in the leisure and hospitality sectors, 164,000, followed by manufacturing, 60,000, then transportation, 54,000, construction, 44,000, and healthcare, 37,000.

Job Turnaround Hopes Realistic

No doubt the labor market and Biden administration benefited from the coronavirus case decline, and employers’ renewed push to hire. Also contributing to the surprisingly strong October report was the post-Labor Day pandemic unemployment programs’ expiration that included the $300 federal bonus and extended eligibility from the traditional 26 weeks to 79 weeks.

In October, some demographic sectors benefited greatly, specifically female workers. Women represent about 57 percent of October’s job gains, 370,000, a dramatic shift from September when men gained all of that month’s new jobs, but more than 300,000 women left the labor force.

More female workers could soon be re-entering the labor pool. Jasmine Tucker, the National Women’s Law Center director, said that women are enjoying a “turnaround.” Tucker points to a return to in-person learning, and an hourly wage increase for hospitality and leisure workers from $17.12 per hour in October 2020 to $19.04 per hour only one year later. But, a hitch: Tucker estimates that, assuming October’s vigorous pace continues, it would take about eight months for the economy to gain back the nearly five million jobs lost during the pandemic.

Several demographic groups suffered an unemployment spike between September and October, including white women who went from 3.7 percent to 3.9 percent; Asian women, 3.4 percent to 4.4 percent, and Hispanics, 5.6 percent to 5.7 percent. Nearly one woman in every three, or 32.6 percent, who were unemployed in October had been out of work for six months or longer.

On behalf of women who successfully landed jobs in October, and want to keep their positions as well as in the best interests of women still seeking employment, the NWLC should immediately demand that the Biden administration stop handing out employment permits indiscriminately to border crashers, and to other illegal immigrants who have reached the interior. An estimated 160,000 illegal aliensnow in the interior have received parole, an immigration status that includes work permission. Most are low-skilled, and will compete head-to-head with workers, women and otherwise, in leisure and other occupations that don’t require more than a high-school degree.

American minorities, those seeking jobs and those already employed are especially vulnerable to an immigration-driven expanded, cheap labor pool. Numerous academic studies, including many done by liberal-leaning, pro-immigration analysts, found conclusively that immigrant labor, when readily available, depresses U.S. wages.

No analyst fits the “liberal-leaning, pro-immigrant” label better than New York Timesop-ed columnist and Graduate Center of the City University of New York economics professor Paul Krugman. Showing a mastery of Econ 101 and other economic principals he learned while earning MA and PhD degrees at MIT, Krugman wrote: “Immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand: we’re talking about large increases in the number of low-skill workers relative to other inputs into production, so it’s inevitable that this means a fall in wages.”

Since Krugman’s conclusion is inarguable, advocacy organizations like the NWLC, founded in the 1970s, comprised of lawyers and activists who seek justice for their constituency, need to step up immediately to oppose the Biden administration’s employment authorization giveaway. The border invasion shows no sign of slowing. Detentions and arrests at America’s Southwest border hit an all-time high in 2021. More than 1.7 million migrants were detained at the border, a significant percentage of which will eventually become work authorized, and expand the labor market – terrible news for U.S. workers.

Biden could reverse the open borders course he’s chosen to pursue. But he prefers to welcome the world, give corporate employers a helping hand, and keep Americans struggling to recover from the job-killer pandemic. Future BLS reports may indicate a strong economy, but the important variable is that new jobs go to citizens and lawfully present residents, not aliens who knowingly violated U.S. laws.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at jguzzardi@pfirdc.org.

Job Turnaround Hopes Realistic?

When you befriend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-9-21

When you befriend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-9-21

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When you befriend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-9-21Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: When befriended, remember it; when you befriend, forget it.
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When you befriend William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 11-9-21