Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots — Audrey Strein has been hosting “street rallies” on Almshouse Road in Doylestown, Pa. since 2009 starting with the Kitchen Table Patriots.

This is where a group stands on a sidewalk with signs to get the attention of passersby.

Always her group used the Bucks County Health and Human Service lot for parking.

At a November 2020 rally for Donald Trump, she was told the lots were forbidden to her. She shrugged, and her group parked in a Giant supermarket down the street and walked back.

It was a little annoying as a Biden group had just been allowed to use the Bucks County Courthouse grounds for a rally the same day.

It was suggested to her that she file a right-to-know request to find out why the change in policy. The response was the request couldn’t be fulfilled as the lots had no parking restrictions.

Fast forward two years and Audrey contacts Doylestown police and lets them know her group would be using the lots, today, Oct. 22 for a rally for Republican candidates. Police called her back to inform her that Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia said they were not allowed.

This time she acted. She sent numerous letters to the responsible officials, and told them she would sue each and everyone of them personally for a violation of the First Amendment if they didn’t let them.

“Well, son of . . .,” to quote our President. They let them.

She said this morning’s rally was a great success.

Great job Audrey and Bucks patriots.

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots
Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Jessica Akiya And Lauren Ivanchenko Guests Of Real News Pa

Bucks County pro life activists Jessica Akiya and Lauren Ivanchenko were interviewed by Kim Kennedy, Steve Gruen and myself on a recent episode of Steve’s and Kim’s PA Real News podcast.

Points made included the abortion industry being about profit and that the abortion movement is based on lies and founded by men for their own self interests.

The episode can be heard here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16o-2Y62-zXEAqYXgiVJV7xYNGbjya7m1/view?usp=drive_web

Jessica Akiya And Lauren Ivanchenko Guests Of Real News Pa

Too Many People Destroys Nature

Too Many People Destroys Nature

By Maria Fotopoulos

Wildlife populations have plummeted 69 percent since 1970. That’s the major takeaway from the recent Living Planet Report 2022 released by the nonprofit organization, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The dismal report is a follow-up to the equally shocking 2014 report that Earth lost 50 percent of wildlife in 40 years.

“Despite 30 years of policy interventions to stop biodiversity loss we continue to observe similar declines to those shown in previous reports,” says the WWF. The report notes that conservation is helping, but urgent action is needed to reverse loss of the natural world.

You think?

All biodiversity – wild living plants, animals, insects, marine creatures – is essential to human survival. Healthy ecosystems mean food, balance on the planet and well-being for all. As the WWF report puts it, “Terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems – for example forests, grasslands, wetlands, mangrove swamps and the oceans – provide us with services essential for human well-being such as food and feed, medicines, energy and fibers. They regulate climate, natural hazards and extreme events, air quality, the quantity and quality of fresh water, pollination and the dispersal of seeds, pests and diseases, soils, ocean acidification, and the creation and maintenance of habitats.”

So it’s not just about saving the “pretty animals” – although, that is reason enough.

Too Many People Destroys Nature

The Living Planet Report 2022, authored by 89 contributors, looked at populations of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles, analyzing almost 32,000 populations of 5,230 species worldwide. The findings showed that the hardest hit wildlife are freshwater species, declining by an average of 83 percent since 1970. From a regional view, the most devastated area is Latin America and the islands of the Caribbean, which have seen a 94 percent decline in wildlife populations, followed by Africa, with a 66 percent decline. Wildlife of the Asia-Pacific region declined by 55 percent; North America, 20 percent and Europe, 18 percent.

WWF proposes an ambitious and probably unrealistic goal, given the current state of humanity: creating a world that is “nature positive by 2030.” This means ensuring there’s more natural world by decade end than in 2020.

Amidst so much bad news, there are some positives. The report emphasizes the importance of connectivity, a theme emerging in the U.S. and in other countries. While we have been good in America, for example, about establishing national and state parks and wildlife sanctuaries, what we missed was the importance of connecting these spaces for wildlife. Conservationists and environmentalists are increasingly talking about this and working to build in more connectivity, because animals gotta move!

The WWF report also has encouraging news about mangroves, the “forests of the sea” that are important reservoirs of biodiversity. While they still are being deforested, the destruction has been “reduced dramatically since the 1980s,” writes WWF, with “plausible scenarios where the global mangrove area may stabilize or even increase by 2070.”

Nonetheless, the few positives the report indicates are far outweighed by persistent losses. And unfortunately, WWF focuses heavily on climate change to make its arguments for dramatic changes in all aspects of how we live, including changing to more “plant-based products in our diets,” even while referencing that, at this point, the loss of wild living things continues to be driven primarily by habitat loss, or what WWF refers to as “land use.” (According to WWF, “Yet every year we lose roughly 10 million hectares of forests …” Words matter; we don’t “lose” them; they’re taken down by human processes for the most part.) “While climate change has not been the dominant driver of the loss of biodiversity to date, unless we limit warming to less than 2C, and preferably 1.5C, climate change is likely to become the dominant cause of biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services in the coming decades,” per the report.

Large numbers of people tune out as soon as they hear the words “climate change,” so if powerful organizations want to convince everyone of the need to preserve biodiversity, using climate change as the cudgel is not a winning strategy. “Climate change” or “climate” is used more than 90 times in the 115-page report, while “population” in the context of too many people is barely mentioned – called only an “indirect driver” of biodiversity loss – and “overpopulation” isn’t mentioned.

Overpopulation is not an indirect driver of biodiversity loss; it is a prime driver. The dramatic increase in human population parallels the loss of biodiversity. That WWF ignores the fact of an Earth overpopulated with humans – 8 billion potentially headed to 11 or 12 billion – is a stunning omission. Any serious effort to create a sustainable planet and reverse the tremendous loss of biodiversity must address human population growth.

The report talks about agricultural expansion, water scarcity, timber extraction, mining, infrastructure development and overgrazing, among other impacts, but fails to emphasize that these all are human-driven activities. The rate of those activities increasing is all driven by ever-increasing numbers of humans. The greater the number of people, the more impact. Yes, better practices and reduced consumption will help, but if there’s no real drive to stabilize human population and then reduce it (by noncoercive and nonviolent means) to sustainable numbers, loss of biodiversity will continue. Incremental gains from better practices and reduced consumption will be lost as more and more people are added to the planet.

As with most of the large, mainstream environmental nonprofits, WWF appears, based on this report, to be driven by the mantra of reducing global warming, now called climate change, and the sister mantra of diversity, inclusion and equity. The climate change/DIE agenda is the goal that cannot be questioned with the World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd, a majority of corporations and Western governments occupied by progressives and leftists, committed activists and eco-terrorists, along with others – groups, organizations and individuals committed to the destruction of our current energy system.

In the mania and aggression of these folks to destroy the petroleum industry, they’ve failed to explain how extractive industries for copper and lithium, for example – necessary raw materials for EVs – will not be extremely damaging to the environment, or if there are even sufficient raw materials to drive the change they want. On a planet with 1.4 billion primarily petrol-driven vehicles, the climate change prophets also fail to explain how shifting to EVs, on the short timeline proposed, can occur without major chaos and disruption. And vehicles are just one part of the petroleum-based economy. Other than continually repeating that fossil fuels have to “stay in the ground,” there’s little real discussion on what will power a world of 8 billion or more people.

Yes, we’re in a pickle. But ignoring the elephant in the room – human overpopulation – will only add to decades of failure and not serve the rapidly declining populations of the wildlife we love.

Maria Fotopoulos writes about the connection between overpopulation and biodiversity loss, and from time to time other topics that confound her. On FB @BetheChangeforAnimals

Too Many People Destroys Nature

Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info

Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info From Joy Schwartz

This email is to help you to obtain a poll watcher certificate and additional highly recommended poll watcher training, provided by the dynamic election training duo, Karen Fritz and Karen Elliot, of DelCo Conservatives. Along with Chris Fabre, they will assist you in getting poll watcher certificates and observer approvals. Poll watchers watch the election in the precincts and need a certificate. They can watch at any precinct in Delaware county. In order for a poll watcher to be able to observe at the Wharf Central Counting Center, that person also needs to be designated and approved as a observer. Karen F and Karen E will be offering more poll watcher/observer classes prior to the election. As soon as possible, I will send out another email with times and locations for those meetings. This process is a bit confusing but they will guide you through it.  Karen Elliott and Chris Fabre will be getting certificates (for poll watchers) and approvals (for observers) for people if they sign up here as soon as possible:  


1. Poll watcher – Under “choose an option ” click “Poll watcher”.  If you do not need observer approval, write that in the comments as Karen Elliot usually gets both for each person.  Sign up here only if you are NOT getting a poll watcher certificate elsewhere.  Attached is a list of poll watching places that were unreconcilable in the May 2022 primary, these are critical to staff with poll watchers. If you are willing to work at any of them, let Karen E or Karen F know, or notify the agency that is getting your certificate so they can assign you to a candidate that is running in that area.   

2. Observer – Under “choose an option” click “observer”.  If you are already getting your poll watcher certificate elsewhere, write in the comments- “observer only- poll watcher certificate applied for elsewhere” so there aren’t duplicates.  Please note that as an observer you don’t get a physical certificate, just your name on a list, so Karen E or Chris F will notify you when it’s ready.  Karen Fritz will be scheduling the observers, so she will contact everyone that signs up on this site to schedule shifts. 

By the way, the DelCo Board of Elections will not release the certificates or approval lists until Nov. 2.  If you signed up, you should be hearing from Karen E, Karen F, or Chris F soon after that, but before Election Day. For both poll watchers and observers, only one volunteer / candidate can be present at a time.  This year votes will be counted around the clock at the Wharf Vote Counting Center, so there will be a lot of shifts available. 

Delco Poll Watcher Sign Up Info

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022 — Springfield’s 6th Ward leaf collection starts the week of Nov. 7 with the 2nd Precinct. The 4th Precinct will have its leaves collected the week of Nov. 21; the 3rd the week of Nov. 28; and the 1st the week of Dec. 5.

Form leaves at the edge of sidewalk or front lawn. Don’t put them in the street. If a collection dat is missed or a second pick up needed, notify the township after the week of Dec. 5 and it will come around again.

Hat tip 6th Ward Commissioner Bob Layden.

If unsure of the precinct, fill this form on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website and the information will be provided.

For leaf collections for other wards, visit here or see below.

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022
Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022 — Springfield’s 6th Ward leaf collection starts the week of Nov. 7 with the 2nd Precinct.

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-22-22

Robert James turned 55 William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-22-16

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M. C. Vogsc

Robert James turned 55Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Robert James turned 55. Happy Birthday.

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