Richard Weiss Is Green Party Senate Pick

Richard Weiss Is Green Party Senate Pick

By Bob Small

Richard Weiss is an attorney who has the Green Party nod for Pennsylvania’s U.S. senate seat.  He ran before for attorney general and a judge.

He has a number of issues for which he proposes green solutions.

One solution he proposes for the Covid controversy is that “we could have hours of operation for those who want masking”.  Further on, he proposes that we could have “mask-only buses and mask optional buses”. 

These may or may not be practical solutions, but they’re at least possible solutions.

He believes that we should seek to negotiate peace in the Ukraine and revoke the authorization for use of military force (AUMF) instituted on Sept. 18, 2001 in response to the 9/11 attacks.

He wants to reduce overseas bases to pre-911 levels, bring troops home and spend that (my italics) money at home. He supports the Stop Arming Terrorists Bill proposed by Tulsi Gabbard”, and wants to free Julian Assange.

He wants to end civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity, and ban fracking

During an extensive electronic interview he said supports approval voting which he says would eliminate any spoiler effect, backed criminal justice reform and single payer healthcare, and explained why he is running as a Green.

“The Green Party is in favor of ending forever wars, closing oversea bases, and bringing troops back home,” he said.

His campaign email address is  He can be followed on Twitter @RichardLWeiss

Full disclosure. I’ve been affiliated with the Pennsylvania Green Party for almost a quarter of a century.

They represent enough of my values that I continue to support them. If I wanted a party that supported all my values, I’d have to form one. 

Richard Weiss Is Green Party Senate Pick
Richard Weiss Is Green Party Senate Pick

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti — The Carmela Ciliberti Show’s most recent subject concerned the pending impeachment of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and the misery he is inflicting on the birthplace of America.

Check it here:

It’s worth a listen.

Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti
Krasner Impeachment Update By Carmela Ciliberti

Con-Con Is Con?

Con-Con Is Con? — Nineteen states have approved having a Constitutional Convention with legislation pending in another 21.

A convention lets state legislatures bypass Congress with regard to amending the Constitution and is authorized by Article V of the Constituion.

Two-thirds of the states, or 33, must approve for the convention to happen.

The convention would draft amendments which would then be returned to the states of which three-fourths, or 38, most approve for them to take effect.

Patriot groups are divided. Some think a convention would allow billionaire plutocrats to buy off delegates and rewrite the entire Constitution to their liking.

Others says a convention would be limited to the subjects of a convention’s petition, which concern generally uncontroversial things like congressional term limits, placing restraints on federal spending and limiting the the power and jurisdiction of Washington, D.C.

We are inclined to agree with those who think the event would not be dangerous as approval of three-quarters of state legislators is still required even if conventioneers go off track and the Supreme Court ignored precedent and allows it.

On the other hand, we don’t see much point in having one either.

The Supreme Court, after decades of ignoring the will of the people, have begun reining in the tyrannical behavior of the alphabet agencies, and the people are waking up to the lies of the mockingbird media, which played the role of Grima Wormtongue to their moneyed masters.

The better use of time and energy should be winning elections at all levels, returning to parents control of education, and creating a new media.

A Convention of the States is not necessary.

Con-Con Is Con?
Con-Con Is Con?

Border Surge Inundates School Districts

Border Surge Inundates School Districts

By Joe Guzzardi

As worldwide migrants continue to pour across the Southwest border, the financial and emotional toll on communities directly affected mounts.

In El Paso, officials reported that, during September, up to 1,500 illegal immigrants, mostly Venezuelans but also Cubans and Central Americans, arrive daily. Providing for the migrants’ needs has overwhelmed El Paso. Unable to keep up, El Paso created its own Migrant Support Services Center and authorized staff to negotiate a $6.9 million contract with a Virginia-based nonprofit that will manage the facility.

Humanely caring for the migrants and accommodating the illegal border crossers will require El Paso to spend $300,000 daily, or nearly $10 million, in September alone. The fiscal outlay that El Paso makes on the migrants’ behalf means that funds normally allocated for police and fire departments as well as other social services that the city routinely makes available to its residents are nearly depleted.

In a letter to Mayor Oscar Leeser, city council members implored him to issue a Disaster Declaration to help keep El Paso’s residents and its newly arrived migrant population safe. The council members’ letter noted that the current inflow is “unsustainable” and “simply unfair to our community.” A disaster declaration shifts the responsibility for the aliens away from El Paso and to the state and federal governments. In the end, however, whether funds come from municipalities, Texas or the federal government, taxpayers are on the hook for the bulk of the migrants’ resettlement costs. The Federation for American Immigration Reform calculated that the migrants’ resettlement will cost taxpayers $20 billion annually in education, healthcare, welfare, justice and law enforcement. Including got-aways, an estimated 5 million migrants have illegally crossed the border since Biden took the White House. Many have been relocated, also at taxpayer expense, into the interior.

The border crisis, and its inevitable fallout, will soon become apparent to parents with school-age children. Because the 1982 Supreme Court Plyer v. Doe ruled that public schools are legally required to enroll students regardless of their immigration status, K-12 classrooms nationwide, and the many teachers responsible for educating the children, will be overwhelmed.

In April, at the Austin Independent School District, teachers protested the 400-plus student influx of Central American students at two high school campuses. The educators complained that they had to give their lessons in hallways and conference rooms. Keep in mind that many of those students don’t speak English and may not speak Spanish either. While Spanish is the most common language, ten other languages are spoken throughout Central America, including Mayan dialects. For teachers, effective communication can be difficult.

Border Surge Inundates School Districts

Austin’s frustrated teachers have plenty of company. Los Angeles County, Florida’s Miami-Dade County, Texas’ Harris County and New York enrolled 4,579, 2,306, 7,170 and 11,000 migrants, respectively. Teachers will have to brace for more students, many unfamiliar with classroom learning. A Health and Human Services report showed that through July, 107,742 unaccompanied minors were released into their sponsors’ custody. The report is understated since it includes only cities that relocated 50 or more UACs (unaccompanied alien children), and would also exclude migrants not placed with families. In all, over the last four years, an estimated 2 million non-English speaking students have been added to the nation’s public schools, a costly and burdensome obligation with which teachers, school officials, parents and communities must grapple.

In the months immediately ahead, more illegal immigration will lead to greater pressure on school districts. And more illegal immigration is absolutely on the way – some estimates project a 7 million total by the time Biden’s term ends. Under oath, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, a Biden appointee with three decades of dedicated law enforcement, testified that he believes illegal border crossings will increase at an exponential rate.

The reason for Ortiz’s grim forecast is that there are “no consequences” imposed by the Biden administration on illegal aliens who break U.S. immigration law. But for sovereign America, the short- and long-term consequences of unchecked illegal immigration are many and irreversible. School districts’ immigration-spawned predicament is one example from many which exposes the contempt that the Biden administration has for America and her citizens.

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Joe Guzzardi is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist who writes about immigration and related social issues. Joe joined Progressives for Immigration Reform in 2018 as an analyst after a 10-year career directing media relations for Californians for Population Stabilization, where he also was a Senior Writing Fellow. A native Californian, Joe now lives in Pennsylvania. Contact him at

Border Surge Inundates School Districts

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