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Results of the First Special Election of 2023

Results of the First Special Election of 2023

By Bob Small

GOP State Representive Lynda Schlegal Culver will soon become State Senator Culver, based on the results of the very first Special Election of 2023, which took place on January 31. She handily defeated Patricia Lawson with approximately 70 perent of the vote in the 27th District.

Mrs. Culver becomes the 17th active female state senator in Pennsylvania. She was in her seventh term as state representative prior to the election. And she will become the first female state senator for the 27th district.

This special election was required because State Senator John Gordner resigned to work with President Pro Tem Kim Ward.

Mrs. Culver said she plans to work for better jobs and higher wages for her constituents. She wants to make businesses friendlier by reforming the tax structure, while also reducing the size and cost of state government.

The GOP has a 2-to-1 registration advantage over the Democratic Party, so this outcome was no surprise.  

The 27th Senatorial District includes all of Columbia, Montour, Northumberland and Snyder counties and parts of Luzerne County.

Mrs. Culver is a graduate of Shikellamy High School with a political science degree from Bloomsburg University. She resides in Rockefeller Township (Northumberland County) with her husband Tom and their son Joshua.

Patricia Lawson works as an adjunct instructor for Bloomsburg and PSU-Harrisburg. She is a speech pathologist.

Her campaign supported common-sense gun laws and term limits for elected officials. On the issue of abortion, she is pro-choice.

As was discussed in this space Thomas Anderson, the Libertarian Party candidate for this district, was denied ballot access on a much-disputed technicality, and was forced to run a write-in campaign. At the time of this report, his write-in totals are not yet available.

Of course, there will now be a special election for Culver’s House seat, yet to be announced.

Results of the First Special Election of 2023

Abortion Is Not Her Choice 60 Percent Of The Time Says Study

Abortion Is Not Her Choice 60 Percent Of The Time Says Study — A study by researchers David C. Reardon  and Tessa Longbons says women are pressured into abortion 60-percent of the time.

“Abortion does not empower women,” said Ms. Longbons. “Quite the opposite. The abortion industry enables and gives support to those who seek to control women.”

About 25 percent of the pressure is described as substantial or high pressure from male partners. Other pressure comes from parents, employers, health care providers and sex traffickers. Also cited are financial pressure, maternal health issues, and fetal malformation.

Obviously, it is cruel to punish a woman — or girl — for an abortion but those celebrating and encouraging it are vile. They are the epitome of evil.

The concept of “my body, my choice” is actually traceable to the Marquis de Sade, maybe history’s greatest misogynist. He wrote in his 1797 novel Juliette:

With regard to the father, he is in no wise concerned with whatever issue may occur, if issue there should be. And, with the assumption that women are held in common, which is what they should be and had better be soon, what concern could he conceivably have? He spits a little sperm into a receptacle everyone else relieves himself into, a womb where what can germinate does germinate; how is this gesture to turn into the grave obligation to look after a fertilized egg? No, he has no more duties to observe toward a foetus than he would toward something deposited by an insect and which some shit he dropped at the foot bf a tree caused to hatch several days later; in both cases I have cited, the problem is simply one of some matter of which a man needs to get rid and which subsequently becomes whatever it happens to become. The embryo is to be considered the woman’s exclusive property; as the sole owner of this fruit rather jestingly called precious, she can dispose of it as she likes. She can destroy it in the depths of her womb if it proves a nuisance to her. Or after it ripens and is born, if she is for any reason displeased with it or irked at having produced it, she can destroy it then; whatever the circumstances, infanticide is her sacred right. Her spawn is hers, entirely hers, and no one else can claim this bit of property belonging to no one else, utterly useless to Nature, and hence the mother may feed it or she may strangle it, depending upon her preference. 

It could almost come from the Biden administration.

Or any prominent Democrat.

Returning to a culture where life is protected and revered will solve many of our problems. Maybe even mass shootings.

Abortion Is Not Her Choice 60 Percent Of The Time Says Study
Abortion Is Not Her Choice 60 Percent Of The Time Says Study

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K% — Delaware County was saying its new $20 million health department had administered 172,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses as of the end of November.

Terry Tracy of Broad and Liberty investigated and could only confirm 1,149 jabs at a site in Yeadon.

When confronted, the county revised its claim to 2,364 county-wide.

That’s about 5,000 percent less than what it initially claimed.

The Health Department was created in April.

Now someone tell us how many incidents were logged during the month the 24/7 ballot drop boxes were active. There were diligently surveilled by solar-powered cameras all the while. Obviously, some incidents worth noting would have occurred, right?

Assuming they really were diligently surveilled.

Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%
Delco Inflates Vax Shots By New Health Department By 5K%

No act is charitable William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-8-23

No act is charitable William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-8-23

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No act is charitableAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: No act is charitable if it is not just.
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