Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss — Elizabeth Preate Havey has resigned as chairwoman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee. She has held the post since 2018.

Liz Havey Resigns As Montco GOP Boss

Her replacement will be picked March 1 during the party’s endorsement convention.

Speculation is that it will be Christian Nascimento. The former president of the Methacton School District who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

Speckin Recount Report Read To Delco Council

Speckin Recount Report Read To Delco Council— Delaware County (Pa) Council, last night, Feb. 15, heard read into the record the report by Erich Speckin concerning what he saw at a Jan. 12 non-binding recount of ballots in 3rd Precinct of Haverford’s 2nd Ward from the Nov. 8 election.

The recount was arraigned by Judge Barry Dozor after complaints came before him just after the election. It was hoped the recount would alleviate the complainants’ concerns of vote fraud.

Delco Director of Election Operations Jim Allen boasted, Jan. 18, that recounted ballots were 100-percent in compliance with the official results.

Speckin, however, of Speckin Forensics, one of the nation’s most respected experts in document analysis, found serious issues, the most significant being that the ballots had different shadings for the background and the red print. This would not have been the case if they all came from the same printer as Allen claims.

Speckin recommended an examination of a broader sampling of mail-in ballots.

Speckin also noted the county did not secure the ballots before the counting and unusual rules were instituted such as prohibiting the photographing of the ballots.

Reading the report was Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby. See below for the report.

Also speaking about election issues was Robert Mancini of Media who asked why the county is still fighting his right-to-know request for election documents despite state adjudicators having ruled in his favor.

Scott Thomas of Broomall decried the county’s decision to end the requirement of a public report from the Election Return Board

Kathy Buckley of Edgmont, a poll worker who was removed from the Wharf County Center day after the 2022 primary election after she called attention to a unexpected bagful of ballots, demanded an apology from   Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther and County Solicitor William Martin who she said attacked her after she made an issue of it. She also wondered why it takes all night to count ballots when the machines can process the entire run in three hours.

A woman expressed concerns about the lack of transparency of the county voting machines. She said the public should be allowed to scrutinize the software along with the processes used to make the databases. This, strangely, is prohibited.

Dr. Patricia Bleasdale of Glen Mills said the county’s decision to end the report by the Return Board violates state law and promotes distrust. She said saw problems with voting machines while a poll watcher.

Carris Kocher of Glen Mills expressed concerns about data manipulation with regard to policy and about how the use of ZenCity artificial intelligence-based software could lead to invasions of privacy and targeting of citizens.

Mr, Simpson of Chester praised council for its dealings with his city.

Max Orenstein of Lansdowne expressed concern about the county’s proposed $40 million youth detention center despite a looming report on sexual abuse in the existing prison that he felt should be addressed first. He cited several ways how the county could better spend the money.

Colleen Kennedy of Upper Darby agreed with Orenstein and also brought up concerns regarding the George W. Hill Correctional Facility, the adult facility that the county took over in April.

Andre Simms of Chester also expressed opposition to a new $40 million juvenile’s detention center.

A woman took the podium and read headlines about suicides and other screwups regarding Hill since the county took it over. She also noted the bizarre exaggerations made regarding the feats of its new health department.

Bob Clements of Media praised those expressing concerns about the detention facilities and the county elections. He noted that he saw numerous problems at his polling place.

A Broomall man praised Council for building a new county park at the site of the former Don Guanella School in Marple but defended the right to object to the elections. An elderly man had earlier taken to the podium and sneered at the concerns being expressed.

Council unanimously approved — with Ms. Reuther abstaining due to a conflict — amendments to contracts between the Department of Human Services, Mental Health and Child Guidance Resource Centers.

Council also approved by consent 33 contracts, several of which also involved the Department of Human Services. Others included a re-design of the Dutton Mill Road Trail Head; the rehabilitation of County Bridge 157 spanning Chester Creek between Chester and Eddystone at a cost not to exceed $126,137; and electrical upgrades by AJM Electric Inc. at Rose Tree Park at a cost not to exceed $396,000.

Also approved was the purchase of 310 gross of American flags at $36,381.60 for Memorial Day, and a 2022 F-150 Ford pick-up truck from Fred Beans Ford of Wesrt Chester for the Criminal Investigation Department at a cost of $57,755.47.

They couldn’t find a Delaware County Ford dealership?

Councilman Richard Womack said some good things were said

Councilman Kevin Madden defended what county was doing with the prisons.

Councilwoman Reuther said election season 2023 has started.

 Elaine Paul Schaefer said town halls regarding the Don Guanella park project are being held and that a Makers Market featuring local venders will be held this weekend at the Harrah’s Casino skating rink in Chester.

 Chairwoman Dr. Monica Taylor attended remotely.

Speckin Recount Report Read To Delco Council
Speckin Recount Report Read To Delco Council

Wrong and cruel its patriotism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-16-23

Wrong and cruel its patriotism William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 2-16-23

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wrong and cruel its patriotismAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: The greater the state, the more wrong and cruel its patriotism, and the greater is the sum of suffering upon which its power is founded.
Leo Tolstoy