Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.; Why Play Games If No Vote Fraud?

Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa. — Judge Barry Dozor, in November, garnered an agreement for a hand recount of ballots in the 3rd Precinct of Haverford’s 2nd Ward from the just-past election.

It would be voluntary, non-binding and the sole purpose would be to alleviate the suspicions of vote fraud for those who brought the matter before him.

It was held Jan. 12.

At the Jan. 18 Delaware County Council (Pa.) meeting, Jim Allen, who is Delco’s director of election operations, crowed that it was found to be 100-percent in compliance with the official results, and those with concerns were allowed within two-feet of the ballots.

We heard him at the meeting and felt good. Maybe Delco, is not some kind of banana republic, after all.

But it looks like we were fooled.

You should have followed Democrat SOP, Jim, and kept them 20-feet away.

One of the observers was Erich Speckin of Speckin Forensics, one of the nation’s most respected experts in document analysis with a long legal track-record in cases ranging from Hollywood to Big Oil.

And yesterday, Feb. 14, he released a report.

He says the ground rules laid by Allen included a prohibition on photography of documents, something Speckin found unusual in his 29 years of experience, and found the ballots had been already placed in non-secured trays and bags upon their arrival.

“The mail-in ballots were not secured in the process from the time they are opened from the envelopes and stored in plastic totes,” said Speckin.

He said the manner in which the ballots were counted were akin to how one would count a deck of cards.

Damningly, the ballots had different shading in the backgrounds and color of red. This would not have happened if the ballots came from the same printer in Albany, N.Y., as Allen claims.

“If the process of shifting ballots were slowed down or the ballots actually examined under magnification, further instances of printing process anomalies may be found,” he said.

He recommended an examination of a broader sampling of mail-in ballots.

If Allen had nothing to hide why would he play games? Why not bend over backwards to ease all concerns about the legitimacy of the election? Let the ballots be photographed. Keep things secured until the count. Don’t shuffle the ballots like a card shark. Is he not aware that he is becoming a bit of a national figure?

Those running Delaware County should care that a large percent of residents have concerns about its elections. Obviously, they don’t.

County residents must not get discouraged, though. We must stay involved in the process. It is more important than ever that we vote as it is the only way to force their hand.

Below is Speckin’s statement. Click to enlarge.

Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.
Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.
Recount Raised Suspicions In Delaware County, Pa.; Why Play Games If No Vote Fraud?

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