One thought on “65 Percent Of 4th Graders Cannot Read”

  1. Twenty years ago, they did the same thing with Math. Before that, it was spelling. Adopting remarkably stupid methods of teaching is what schools do best. Leaves the students open to the remarkably stupid brainwashing the teachers want to push. You know, gender transition, racist ideology (CRT), etc., etc.

    Yeah, yeah, some of you will say “not all teachers are bad.” Unfortunately the few who are good will not speak out to stop the teachers who are hell-bent on destroying the future of society.

    The blame also falls on the shoulders of the parents who are too ignorant and lazy to even know what is going on with their children.

    I have been attending the North Penn School District, Montgomery County, school board meetings, so yes, I know what I am talking about. There are about four parents who attend the meetings faithfully and speak out. That’s it – four. Even the Moms for Liberty group doesn’t show up.

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