Marple Battle Continues To Rage With PECO

Marple Battle Continues To Rage With PECO

By Bob Small

Marple residents have been battling PECO since November 2020 concerning the power company’s plans to build a natural gas “reliability station” in the township.  There’s been a number of twists and turns. The Marple Safety Coalition (MSC) is the group leading the opposition.

If the anti-PECO signage seen as one drives through Marple is any indication, the MSC has a great deal of support.

WHYY has extensive  coverage of this dispute.

“What’s happening now in this community is beautiful. People are really stepping up.  All of our local and regional elected officials are supporting us,” said Julie Baker of MSC.

This includes Democrat State Representative Jennifer O’Mara and State Senator Tim Kearney.

PECO hasn’t helped itself by refusing to answer expected and reasonable questions.

“It’s against PECO’s policy, and industry standards, for utilities to share the locations of their facilities,” said the company.

For the record, the facility will be a Sproul and Cedar Grove roads.

PECO is part of Exelon Corp. and not, as many think, a public utility.

And thus, not held to the standards of a public utility.

Exelon is the nation’s largest energy delivery company.

In March of 2022, the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission in March 2022 gave PECO a special exemption to the neighborhood zoning code,

“(This) reinforces a precedent that energy companies can basically do as  they please, anywhere they want, because they have the upper hand in telling the PUC what they think is reasonable and in the interests of the public,” says Greg Fat of MSC.

The MSC says the proposed gas expansion plant is not related to natural gas production but to increase in residential gas consumption,”

Only Texas produces more natural gas than Pennsylvania though this may change soon.

Meanwhile Nether Providence and Swarthmore are battling PECO to save some historic trees.

That’s only 3 of the entities in Delaware County that have current disputes with PECO.

Are there more to come?

Marple Battle Continues To Rage With PECO

Experience keeps a dear school William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-12-23

Experience keeps a dear school William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-12-23

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