Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson

Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson — Jeffrey Peterson, the tech pioneer who was held dear in Arizona Democrat circles until the scales fell from his eyes and he saw the rampant stew of corruption in which he was swimming, is no stranger to this site.

Here is our story regarding his revelations that Mexican drug money subsidizes Nancy Pelosi.

Here we report on his crusade to make all Americans Linux literate, hence freeing themselves from Big Tech.

Jeff described on his Telegram channel, Aug. 20, the legal nightmare his former Democrat friends put him through and how it involved some seriously shady actions by Philadelphia legal powerhouse Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young LLP.

Stradley Ronon has also been a subject here.

Stradley Ronon had the soon-to-be state attorney general, now governor, a Democrat, in its employ as well as the soon-to-be chairman of the state Republican Party.

And while some might have pointed this out, it was unbeknown to most that Val DiGiorgio and Josh Shaprio were and are political allies.

And kudos to Colm Connolly, the chief judge of the United States Court for Delaware for having the wisdom and integrity to stifle the scheme against Peterson.

Here is what Jeff wrote:

Many of you know I used to be involved with the Democrats, I was friendly with the Governor of the State where I lived at the time, in Arizona and met others through her. After selling shares of the Social Network I founded, I made donations on a state and federal level to them for years because as a native of California I foolishly grew up believing, and being told “Democrats were nicer.” 🤪

Around 2016, while working on a business project with some of them, events took place that caused me to discover their corruption. We had a bad “break-up”, I walked away from them. A message was conveyed to me through more than one intermediary: because I called out their corruption, and for daring to walk away, I would be “destroyed” through the legal system. Their demeanor towards me flipped from that of long time friends, to psychopathic attackers on a war path.

The hit job was assigned to one of the most corrupt lawyers in the Democrat party, Dennis K. Burke, the top Democrat legal “fixer” in the State of Arizona, a former “prosecutor” with a well documented history of corruption, who years prior was forced to resign from his post for his involvement in Barack Obama’s “Fast and Furious” weapons trafficking scandal.

By 2021, it had been a tedious five years of legal battles, all in the context of civil (business) litigation. I had been defending myself against ridiculous, baseless accusations in at least five different courts in two states, Massachusetts and Arizona, tired but somehow I was able to keep going. Slowly, the cases dragged on, with no end in sight. Somehow, they seemed to always get “their way” at every twist and turn in every court where we faced off. At times, I felt helpless against them. I didn’t do much with my professional life during that time, unsure of where life was leading, under the relentless attack of what seemed like never ending legal “lawfare.”

All throughout that time, they were constantly trying to find a way to manipulate what was extensive, complex civil business litigation to make prior business events look “criminal,” so they could find a way to cleverly attack me with raw “brute force” using the criminal side of the legal code. It was their ultimate goal, what they were always building up to.

They wanted to have me indicted – their way of “destroying” someone. Very difficult for them to do against a guy who hasn’t had as much as a traffic ticket in twenty or more years, and considering my well documented history of professional conduct, but they kept trying to find a way, any way to manipulate the courts to achieve their underhanded goals.

Then one day it occurred to me that I should search court cases in the State of Delaware for any litigation with my name. Not sure why, but I checked anyways. And there it was: They had doctored an extensive, “criminal-looking” civil business lawsuit in federal court in Delaware, against a former employee we had both worked with, and somehow, with lengthy language, written my name in to their many pages of accusations about things that never happened, without so much as naming me as a party.

My lawyer explained it, a complicated, unconventional situation: Through lawyers at a Philadelphia law firm, they filed fanciful documents in federal court in Delaware (without telling me) that mentioned my name and all kinds of alleged “criminal” conduct but weren’t true. They wanted to doctor a judgment there to use the language on the face of that civil judgement itself as a “prop”, to swear out an indictment against me later, somewhere else, even though I had nothing to do with the Delaware case and wasn’t a party to it. It was a complicated way to manufacture a sham indictment with false facts based on “documents filed in a court”, (i.e. the sham Delaware case), meant as a “surprise attack.”

It was the final sick, underhanded manifestation of their years of efforts to harm me through legal system trickery, plain for me to see, on that Delaware court docket. My lawyer told me it would be a “one in a million” chance that the Delaware court would remove my name from the civil litigation, that eventually we would simply need to defend whatever subsequent doctored legal case that would come out of it.

I thought about it for a long time, and prayed. With some time, I became sure it was necessary to speak up about the case there in Delaware. “Impossible”, my lawyer again repeated when I told him, he said, “it’s just not possible at this stage.” But I insisted.

And so in July of 2021 we filed a long-shot Motion to Intervene in the sham litigation in the Delaware court. And that is when the words stated echoing in my head: “Go on. Follow your heart.” Those words echoed in my head, day in and out. So much so, that I had the faith to simply forget about the litigation, walk away from it, and follow my heart to finally move on with my life, right then.

The confidence from that moment, although I’d been told the possibility of my success in court was near-zero, led me to start the channel, and this effort to help teach my fellow Americans how to free themselves from the worsening “big tech” abuses everyone is suffering, and how most people don’t know what to do about it.

In the Delaware federal litigation, the high-powered east coast law firm of Stradley Ronon opposed my solo practitioner lawyers’ motion to intervene. They wrote as if my motion’s denial was guaranteed, arguing there was some kind of implicit impossibility of my ability to intervene, similar to what my own lawyer had been telling me.

Fast forward to January 23, 2022. It was a calm day like any other in my world, yet I was in a place that afternoon where something told me to turn my head to a newscast that was on television. I felt inclined to look at it in a special kind of way. As I looked at the news, I noticed a report of a building that was on fire. Not thinking much about it, I went on with my day.

The next morning, I was jolted out of bed early in the morning. I didn’t hear anything, didn’t dream anything the night before. But I was jolted out of bed.

I went to my computer and checked my emails. A court order had been published on the docket of the Delaware litigation.

The court had denied my motion to intervene. But the Chief Judge of the United States Court for Delaware, Colm Connolly, wrote further that the court had permission to act on its own, sua suponte (something that almost never happens), and he did.

Judge Connoly, acting on his own, had written and filed an order admonishing the lawyers for inappropriate conduct, and ordered all forty-four paragraphs with my name struck from the sham litigation in Delaware.

In doing so, he ended what was then seven years of underhanded attacks on me by my former Democrat business partners. My “one in a million” chance of prevailing had been realized.

Then, something told me to go back and search for information about the building fire I saw on the news the day prior.

And there I was early in the morning of Janurary 24, 2023, reading an article: As I’d seen on television the day before Judge Connoly’s order, there had been a fire on the top floor of the Commerce Square Office building in Philadelphia, PA, at 2005 market street.

I looked down at my printed records, the address of the lawyers who appeared in the Delaware court to implement Dennis Burke’s sham abuse of the legal system against me, to try to have me indicted. Stradley Ronon law firm, 2005 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 26th floor, top floor. Commerce Square Office building in Philadelphia, PA.

Chills went up my spine, goosebumps. I was not sure what it all meant or why it happened that way. Maybe the fire wasn’t some kind of message or sign, I told myself. Maybe it was the biggest coincidence ever. Yet I knew in my heart who had heard my prayers.

Their evil plans against me had been thwarted that morning, literally going down with flames at their exact address the day prior. There would be no sham attack on me any more. One by one, other cases ended or would soon end, as their entire false story about me fell apart.

My name is Jeffrey Peterson, and this is a true story about the fourth time I was saved.

I don’t know enough to know how or why it all happened this way, but this is my story.

It has been my pleasure to teach you some of the things I do know about, for the past two years.

Have a great week ahead, Friends!

Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson
Some text from Judge Connolly’s order
Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson
The Stradley Ronon signature block from the US Court in Delaware

Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson Stradley Ronon Sneaky Scheme Against Jeff Peterson

Feds Spend 5x More on Illegals Than On Appalachian Citizens

Feds Spend 5x More on Illegals Than On Appalachian Citizens

By Joe Guzzardi

“Rich Men North of Richmond,” the protest song that soared to No. 1 on iTunes during the August 12 weekend, is an ode to forgotten blue-collar America. The hit is sung by Christopher Anthony Lunsford, aka Oliver Anthony, a former factory worker who lives in Appalachia, an area dotted with abandoned factories. It’s also a region in a losing battle with opioids. Overdose mortality rates here for people in their prime working years are 70 percent higher than the rest of the country.

Washington, D.C., and most elites dismiss Appalachians as well as tens of millions more working-class Americans. They’ve been smeared, ignored, mocked, slandered and robbed by their own government. The scorned millions are what Hillary Clinton referred to in her 2016 presidential campaign as “a basket of deplorables.”

Anthony’s song has garnered more than 34 million views, and the artist has received more than 50,000 messages from people sharing their reactions, including personal stories about suicide, addiction, unemployment, anxiety, depression and hopelessness, conditions that too many Americans struggle to overcome. As Anthony said, he wrote the song because he too is “suffering with mental health and depression.” In a decision that shocked music executives, Anthony rejected an $8 million contract, saying he didn’t want a superstar’s trappings – a jet, tour buses and stage shows.

No specific references to how the federal government robs Appalachians are in the song, but the possibilities are many. At the top of the list may be D.C.’s mountains of wasteful spending. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that, since January 2021, legislation signed by President Biden has set in motion a record $3.37 trillion in new spending. The most visible, and possibly most hurtful to struggling Americans nationwide, are the billions spent to resettle a worldwide illegal immigrant population.

A year after President Lyndon Johnson began his 1964 War on Poverty, the government created the Appalachian Regional Commission. As of fall 2021, 56 years after the agency was created, ARC had invested more than $4.5 billion on several projects. Eventually, other government agencies invested $10 billion on more projects. Despite significant investment, quality of life improvements are few, especially in central Appalachia which encompasses Eastern Kentucky, as well as parts of Tennessee and West Virginia.

The aggregate $14.5 billion to assist Appalachia is pocket change compared to the fed spending on sovereignty-destroying illegal immigration. A cost estimate of the current border crisis is $20 billion, according to analysis from the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

A more comprehensive FAIR study found that at the start of 2023, the net cost of illegal immigration – at the federal, state and local levels – was at least $150.7 billion, a total arrived at by subtracting tax revenue paid by illegal aliens, just under $32 billion, from illegal immigration’s gross negative economic impact. In 2017, the estimated net cost of illegal migration was approximately $116 billion; in just five years, the costs to taxpayers have increased $35 billion.

Municipalities’ crippling and mounting costs will continue as long as there is no end to illegal immigration. New York Mayor Eric Adams calculates that the city’s migrant surge will cost taxpayers $12 billion. Business owners are shutting their doors, a decision made reluctantly only after clusters of migrants sleeping on the city’s streets kept customers away. Shuttered businesses reduce vital tax revenue. Temporary shelters are over-capacity, and more migrants will be forced onto the streets, creating a vicious cycle of more business closings.

The math explains why America, and specifically Appalachia, is angry. In the five-year period from 2017 to 2022, the feds spent $55 billion to underwrite illegal immigration – the $35 billion increase laid out since 2017 plus the $20 billion to fuel the ongoing invasion. Rebuffed Appalachia got $10 billion-plus during the last six decades, $45 billion less than the unlawfully present migrants received in the last five years. A reminder when contemplating the inherent unfairness: illegal immigration and aiding/abetting illegal immigration are crimes.

Imagine the outrage Anthony and his neighbors feel when they realize that, as measured by a multi-billion-dollar margin, D.C. elites put illegal immigrants first, well-ahead of struggling Appalachians. The anger and frustration Anthony expresses in “Rich Men North of Richmond” is justified.

Feds Spend 5x More on Illegals Than On Appalachian Citizens

Feds Spend 5x More on Illegals Than On Appalachian Citizens

Trusted with the government of others William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-24-23

Trusted with the government of others William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 8-24-23

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Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question. Thomas Jefferson Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing ye to the Lord and bless his name: shew forth his salvation from day to day. PsalmsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the gvernment of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.
Thomas Jefferson

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