Encounter With An Old Man

While walking the bad dog past the Springfield (Pa) Post Office this afternoon, an old fellow who just left the building unsolicitedly  asked me how I liked global warming. He said climate change was “bullsh*t”. He told me the polar bears were breeding like rabbits.

I had to agree. I told him it was just people looking for our money.

Springfield High Grad To Build New Port On The Delaware

Bonds have been floated for  first new port on the Delaware River since 1973. It will be in Paulsboro, N.J. on 190-acres that had been an oil and storage site. It will have  a new pier long enough to berth two cargo ships, cranes, roads,updated rail infrastructure, office and maintenance facilities, amulti-gate access control system and dredged access to the main 40-footdeep channel.

South Jersey Port Corp., July 28, OK’d the sale of $56 million in revenue bonds for the project.

It will be built by CH2MHill. Project engineer is Christopher A. Lawrence who is a 1980 graduate of Springfield High School (Pa.).

Springfield Woman Is Textbook Matter

Lynn McGrane of Springfield Pa. (Delaware County) is prominently featured in the marketing textbook “Brand/Story: Ralph, Vera, Johnny, Billy, and Other Adventures in Fashion Branding” by Drexel University Professor Joseph Hancock.

Lynn is general manager of the Bloomingdale’s at the King of Prussia Mall.

Hello Emma Maureen Guertin

Financial wizard extraordinaire Jerry Guertin and wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of Emma Maureen who was born July 3 six hours before the 4th.

She weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 oz.
Jerry is a vice president and financial consultant at Citizens Investment Services. Among the Citizens Bank branches  from which he works is  the one on Woodland Avenue in Springfield, (Delaware County) Pa. 

Another Honor For Cessie Giuliano

Cessie Giuliano, the former photo editor of the Press papers has been named Best Niche Photographer for Main Line Times Best of issue. Frankly, the award is not quite accurate. She’s the best photographer in the state, if not the entire Northeast, if not the country.

Cessie’s new vocation is taking very tasteful ’40s and ’50s  pin-up shots of women who are often getting them as presents for their husbands and boyfriends, often servicemen.

See her stuff at http://www.lunarlightstudios.com/cg/


Another Honor For Cessie Giuliano

Little Girl’s Karate Lesson

A sweet petite seven-year-old girl I know is taking karate lessons. She’s quite proud of what she knows and makes sure she shows her new moves to her father when he comes home from work.

Well, after one recent demonstration she goes  to wash up for bed when she remembered she forgot one.

“Daddy, Daddy, wait.”

She runs from the bathroom, grabs Daddy by the shoulders and knees him squarely in the groin.

Daddy says his laughing alternated with the gasping.