Cathy Cox Should Sue Lin Wood

Cathy Cox Should Sue Lin Wood — Lin Wood’s latest from Telegram is that Mercer University Law School Dean Cathy Cox is intrinsically linked to Dominion Voting Systems and the vote fraud in Georgia.

“Dean Cathy Cox is corrupt and falsely attacks one of the school’s benefactors who only sought to help the school and its students,” Wood said. “I love Mercer. I used to love Cathy Cox. I have changed my mind about Cathy because she is a liar with a political agenda.”

Ms. Cox was Georgia’s Secretary of State winning elections in 1998 and 2002. Wood cited archived web articles from American Politics Journal in 2004 and Mercury Rising in 2005 alleging wrongdoing by Ms. Cox for her push to get Georgia’s elections on Diebold Election System machines. There was also this one from Free Press in 2006. Most Diebold Election’s assets were acquired by Dominion in 2010.

Wood made a surprise appearance on a Jan. 22 Zoom conference call at Mercer regarding a discussion of removing Wood’s name from a school courthouse.

While Ms. Cox expressed concerns about Wood’s sanity, she noted he was a long-time friend who had satisfactorily represented her on a defamation issue that occurred during her tenure as Secretary of State. We think she appeared sympathetic to him.

We encourage Ms. Cox to sue Wood. What he has said about her is defamatory. If Wood is not crazy and is making false claims, he is a malicious bastard who deserve grief. If he is crazy, shutting him up would be an act of charity.

Of course, if what Wood is saying is true, Ms. Cox should absolutely not sue. She find a nice quiet hill and in the early morning still, commit seppuku on it.

Cathy Cox Should Sue Lin Wood
This was mean, Lin.
Cathy Cox Should Sue Lin Wood

2 thoughts on “Cathy Cox Should Sue Lin Wood”

  1. Wow Bill, talk about unstable! You call Lin a bastard and then suggest if the “bastard” is right Cathy should commit grotesque and painful suicide. What a splendid chap you must be! With friends like you,…? If you know Lin you should call him, maybe he can share with you what has so greatly affected his life.

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