Climate Change Truth Test

Climate Change Truth Test –Russell Brand recently interviewed angry atheist Sam Harris regarding whether climate change is a crisis and made great points, namely that the debate is to foster division so the rich can get richer and grow in feudal power.

In other words, it’s not designed to resolve an issue.

Nobody likes pollution. Brand noted that in his British homeland what is considered “the right” are generally the strongest conservationists.

Here is our climate change truth test:

Someone important proclaims the we are using to much energy and the seas will rise and we are all going to die.

Does this someone move into a mini-house 5K feet above sea level?

Or does this someone move to a sea-side mansion with 100-times the average carbon footprint, and then build another sea-side mansion in Hawaii?

If the latter, we will bet the world that the seas are not rising and our energy use is not a crisis.

Climate Change Truth Test
Pretty good proof that the rich don’t fear rising seas

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