Elaine Schaefer Broken Window Politics.

Elaine Schaefer Broken Window Politics. — Radnor Commissioner Elaine Schaefer is the Democrat seeking to fill the 165th Pennsylvania House seat being vacated by Bill Adolph who has held it since 1988.

Elaine Schaefer Broken Window Politics.
Commissioner Elaine Schaefer with Superintendent William Colarulo and her campaign manager, Devin Gosnell, at the Springfield National Night Out event on Aug. 2.

Trying to keep it in Republican hands is Alex Charlton.

Ms. Schaefer attended National Night Out festivities in Springfield, which makes up a large part of the 165th District. The event is the first Tuesday in August and is designed to raise community-police awareness. It is a tradition in Springfield.

So Ms. Schaefer attended, which is fine, and she brought her campaign manager Devin Gosnell, which is fine, and she met Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo, which is also fine.

But then someone took a photo of the three of them together that Ms. Schaefer is using for her campaign.

That is a no no. Radnor prohibits township employees from being used in political campaigns. This is obviously something Ms. Schaefer did.

As political sins go, it is a  minor one. It’s not as though she sold our uranium to the Russians for personal enrichment, for instance. But the broken window theory applies to politics too. When small crimes are ignored big ones follow.

If Ms. Schaefer had a photograph taken of herself with a police officer from another township, there would  be no controversy. That she chose an official answerable to herself shows indifference to the law or, at best, blind stupidity.

Elaine Schaefer Broken Window Politics.

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