If Democrats Believed In Democracy Why Do They Fear The Greens?

If Democrats Believed In Democracy Why Do They Fear The Greens?

By Bob Small

Do Democrats believe in Democracy?

As Ronald Reagan famously said in 1980, There you go again. This time the Pennsylvania Democratic Party reacts in fear and trembling to the big bad
Pennsylvania Green Party by once again taking them to court to keep them off the Novemember Ballot. As though Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden is afraid of Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins. I doubt that, and I doubt he even knows about the Pennsylvania Ballot Access situation. It would be interesting to get his reaction to this, but I’d be willing to bet we’ll never get that.

If Democrats Believed In Democracy Why Do They Fear The Greens?

Probably if you asked him, Joe Biden might think Howie Hawkins was a Pitcher for the Wilmington Blue Rocks minor League baseball Team whom he grooved a pitch to on one opening day.

The Pennsylvania Greens were forced, by a previous court decision, to go out and secure enough Petition Signatures, in this time of Covid, to be on the Ballot. Amazingly, they got three times the amount of required signatures. Amazingly, they still are being challenged. Shouldn’t the Democrats be focused on electing their Candidates rather than- To some of us, it feels like Goliath demanding the Referee measure David’s slingshot for the proper size requirements.

By the way, before anyone talks about the Greens “stealing” the Democratic
Vote, I looked at my personal vote and it said to me that it did not belong to any one political party, it only belongs to me. It does not belong to the Constution Party, Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, or The Republican Party, If anyone has evidence to the otherwise, duly notarized, please forward it to me.

At a certain age, which I’m not revealing even under executive court order, you start to wonder how many more elections you might have in which to vote. If I can’t choose who to vote for, I can’t help feeling my vote, and my voice, is being “stolen”. Perhaps, if I can’t vote for the Candidate of my choice, maybe I will decline to vote. Some, perhaps, may decide to vote for the other Party Candidate, just out of pure anger.

Some progressives, not only Greens, may see this as Big Party Brutality and may consider this when they come to the polling place and/or mail in their votes.

Some of us need someone to vote for, not someone to vote against. Failing that, you obtain some of the results of previous elections.

So we end up with the question, do Democrats really believe in Democracy or is this another case of false advertising. Further, do we really live in a Democracy?

For more information about the PA. Green Party, go to www.gpofpa.org.

Mr. Small is a resident of Swarthmore

If Democrats Believed In Democracy Why Do They Fear The Greens?

4 thoughts on “If Democrats Believed In Democracy Why Do They Fear The Greens?”

  1. The Green Party is just another scary, but masked, not democratic “one world agenda” Party. Here in “lefty” Canada, they support the other two big lefty Parties and always offer to support any destructive measure our socialist huge spending Liberals and NDP bring up. They sound interesting , who is not for a cleaner environment, until you realize what their real agenda is, the CCP run UN One World agenda, they are all for shutting off our oil and gas, because in a cold country like Canada “people will get used to being cold, as our indigenous peoples did we will all adjust and live cleaner”, so my answer was, “so we can all burn wood again to heat and cook, live in tents or igloos, maybe caves, and I am all for saving the forests?, Close most all industries etc, there is no efficient new alternative as yet, and we need carbon to grow efficiently, there used to be more in the atmosphere long ago, so developing a greener planet really means cutting down the human population, like this forced migration is doing, abortion, etc… and all the hate and violence agenda groups being pushed and paid for by he left. Sure looks like another non democratic “one world agenda groups” push to cut the worlds human population down.

    1. I think in the US, the Greens are honestly idealistic and not beholden to the wannabe dukes and duchesses that control the Beltway and Silicon Valley. Obviously they are not doing what’s in the interests of this crowd by trying to get a third party on the ballot. Doesn’t mean I agree with them but I respect the ones I know.

  2. The Democrats are honestly idealistic, too. It’s just that their ideology is repugnantly anti-American. So are the Greens. Liberty is not a value to them.

    To Small’s questions, “So we end up with the question, do Democrats really believe in Democracy or is this another case of false advertising. Further, do we really live in a Democracy?”

    No, the Democrats do not really believe in “Democracy” in the sense of “the will of the people”. Sure, they believe in elections, in the same way that other totalitarians believed in elections. But they don’t believe in liberty, they believe in the State, carrying out its rule by unelected bureaucrats.

    No, Mr. Small, we don’t live in a “Democracy”, we live in a representative republic. It is democratic, in that citizens have the right to vote for representatives who conduct the republic’s business. But it is not a Democracy, which implies rule by the majority with plebiscites for every decision. Which is mob rule.

  3. Oh no. The Democrats are anything but honest or idealistic. They want money and power and will do and say whatever it takes to get it. Robert Byrd and Barack Obama were happy allies.

    I’ll grant that there are rank and file Ds that are decent people.

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