Kerns Opposes Missile Attack On Syria

Kerns Opposes Missile Attack On Syria — Dale Kerns of Ridley, who is running as a Libertarian in the 2018 United States Senate race for the seat held by Democrat Bob Casey, says President Trump did not have congressional authority to fire missiles yesterday (April 6)  at a Syrian government airbase that had been used to launch chemical weapons against civilians.  Kerns is not alone. Others, however, argue that the action is justified by the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed Sept. 14, 2001 which has allowed previous administrations to launch strikes throughout the Mideast. As the U.S already has troops fighting in Syria, it’s hard to see that it’s not.

Here is Kerns statement:

Our campaign is against military intervention as a preemptive strike, and without congressional approval. The United States Constitution gives Congress the power to go to war, not the President.

Since 2014 we have been bombing Islamic State targets without Congressional authorization under President Obama’s executive action. Now President Trump has turned airstrikes toward the Syrian Regime, again without Congressional approval which is unconstitutional. Article 1 Section 8 Clause 11 of the Constitution explicitly gives Congress this power not the POTUS. This dictator like behavior should be condemned no matter which party is in power. Congressional approval assures by best possible measures that the Republic is at work, and the branch closest to the people are held accountable for such actions. At this point we are carelessly going into war, without a known plan, without strategic measures, and without an end result. America deserves better. We deserve to carefully weigh all options, consequences, and countermeasures to those results.

Kerns Opposes Missile Attack On Syria
Dale Kerns




Kerns Opposes Missile Attack On Syria

6 thoughts on “Kerns Opposes Missile Attack On Syria”

  1. My statement is a constitutional statememt. The President agreed with this statement in 2013 when Obama was in office and mulling the Syria idea.

    It is impossible for the 2001 use of force authorization to be used here, since the President said it’s a result of the chemical attack. The use of force text States that the President is granted powers to fight those that have played a role in the 9/11 attacks. We now know that our fight is with Saudi Arabia – so why are we not turning to them?

    Additionally, the 2001 use of force authorization also States that the text does not supersede any part of the war powers resolution. Therefore the use of force ends within 60 days of said force. And tge Presidential still must consult with Congress. Since we’ve been in Syria for years, that 60 day time table has run out. And tge POTUS did not go to Congress as the war powers act states he must, and as he agreed in 2013 that Obama must, with respect to Syria.

    We shouldn’t carelessly send our troops to war without a plan, withoutan end result. Their lives should matter.

    If you want our POTUS to be a dictator than allow this. If not, even if you’ve voted for him, we need to hold his feet to the fire. Once an elected official abuses power, the next goes even farther.

    1. U.S. troops are already in Syria as part of the war on ISIS which President Trump has pledged numerous times to prosecute. If Assad or his use of chemical weapons poses any kind of threat to them, he’s fair game.

      U.S. presidents have been authorizing this type of military action going back to Founding Father James Monroe.

      I see your point but this attack which looks like it will solve a lot of problems is not the Constitutional hill upon which to make a stand.

  2. I’ve made this stand with every President. The constitutional stand should be taken with every President no matter what their party. The checks and balances are written for a reason. We should not give any elected official a pass for violating law. I take exception to”the war on ISIS” as no such declaration has ever been granted by Congress. Obama was wrong (Trump agreed in 2013) and Trump is wrong now.

    The blow back created by this will bite us. Who is to say something worse than ISIS won’t form? We never go into wars with a plan, and that’s why we don’t win, that’s why our foreign policy makes us less safe.

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