Marcus Hook Pirate Fest Tomorrow

Marcus Hook Pirate Fest Tomorrow –Avast matey, tomorrow, Sept. 16, is Marcus Hook Preservation Society’s Pirate Festival in the borough’s Memorial Park, 45 Delaware Ave., Marcus Hook, Pa. 19061.

It starts 11 a.m. and runs to 6 p.m.

The festival features a full pirate encampment with period tents, demonstrations and showcases their wares, firearms, cannons and beer making.

Also, there will be games, food, live pirate music, face painting, crafters, beer garden and much, much more. All funds raised go towards the ongoing restoration project of the historic Plank House, aka Blackbeard’s Mistress’s House.

Check it out. You might get a chance to meet Joy Schwartz.

Marcus Hook Pirate Fest

Marcus Hook Pirate Fest Tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Marcus Hook Pirate Fest Tomorrow”

  1. When the MS 150 City-to-Shore Ride falls on or around “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, it’s “Arrr” this, and “Avast” that, all the way from Cherry Hill to Ocean City.

    “Yarrr! Passin’ ye on the port side, I be, arr, arr!”
    “Blast yer scuppers, ye scurvy dogs! A flat’s run me aground, yar, yar!”
    “Sure ‘n’ we’ll heave to in Subaru Cove, the yarest rest stop, of the entire voyage, fair and true, arr, arr!”

  2. The pirate festival is over priced in a area for low income families . the Organizers over the years have become very greedy and become rude to some of the people of this area and I have personally witnessed the rudeness and disrespect myself. Sorry I’ve been coming for 15 years since day one thos will be the last time I will ever go . Another there wasn’t much for the kids this year . Instead of writing on what glorifies it you need to get the real people’s opinions on it .

    1. The fair food was more expensive than I expected.

      OTOH, each time I go to the supermarket the food is more expensive than I expect.

      I don’t blame the vendors, I blame Brandon.

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