Staten Islanders Protest Mayor And Invasion

Staten Islanders Protest Mayor And Invasion

By Joe Guzzardi

Last October, Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, referring to the migrant rush, said that the crisis is “spinning out of control.” A few days later, New York City Mayor Eric Adams acknowledged that the steady migrant stream into the city’s five boroughs represented “a state of emergency.”

Objecting to Adams’ relocating migrants originally bussed to Manhattan to the four other boroughs, Fossella demanded to know why the people of Staten Island are forced to deal with an issue that they did not create, and they don’t want in their backyards, a question that’s resonated in many major cities unsuccessfully trying to cope with thousands of needy asylum seekers.

Almost a year has passed since Fossella pleaded for common sense on a federal issue that requires a federal solution. Instead, the feds haven’t lifted a finger to stop migrant entry at the border, the obvious first step toward a solution. As Fossella predicted, Staten Island continues to face an ongoing crisis that stems directly from excessive federal government demands to provide for migrants. Sometimes referred to as New York’s “forgotten borough,” residents are fed up.

In recent weeks, four large-scale protests have been formed to rail against the conversion of the former St. John Villa Academy into a 300-bed facility to house and feed migrants. Hundreds of protestors held signs that objected to unvetted migrants being relocated in their community. Other signs expressed safety concerns, a reasonable worry. Legal wrangling about using the former school as migrant shelter has been ongoing. In late August, Staten Island Supreme Court Judge Wayne Ozzi temporarily banned housing migrants at the former school. But within a few hours, Brooklyn Supreme Court Appellate Division Justice Carl Landicino overturned Judge Ozzi’s decision.

Curtis Sliwa, former NYC mayoral candidate, Guardian Angels’ founder and staunch supporter of besieged Staten Island residents, promised to organize closures of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, the Goethals Bridge, the Bayonne Bridge and the Outerbridge Crossing which would cut off access to Staten Island from vehicles transporting aliens from Manhattan. Sliwa has pledged to run against Adams again in 2025 when conditions might be favorable for him. In 2021, only 20.5 percent of 5.6 million registered voters turned out in the mayoral election. Adams won 67 percent of the vote, and Sliwa won 27 percent. Assuming anger over Adams’ horrible management of the migrant increases, the only direction it can head, Sliwa could surprise.

Adams blames everyone but himself for New York’s steady erosion. At his September press conference, Adams admitted that the migrant problem will “destroy” New York, ominously adding that he doesn’t “see an ending to this.” Then, Adams correctly blamed President Biden, and then, preposterously, condemned Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, calling him “a madman.” Since Biden was installed in the White House, he has opened the U.S. borders to more than 8 million illegal aliens. Since 2022, Texas has bussed a piddling 13,000 of them to New York City, where leadership there years ago avowed its “right to shelter.”

Directly under Adams’ nose, a migrant crime wave is well underway. At the Roosevelt Hotel, a former landmark built in 1922 to honor President Teddy Roosevelt, but today a hellhole where migrants live, police have arrested 41 aliens, most for domestic violence, assault and child endangerment. District Attorney Alvin Bragg refuses to prosecute.

Protests like Staten Island’s, and previous ones in Chicago, Massachusetts and other places nationwide, are just the beginning. Voters don’t want an invasion, and they certainly don’t want to subsidize one. Winter months are coming, and for migrants, sleeping on the street will be less of an option. Biden has 15 more months in office, hundreds of thousands more migrants are on the way.

Time for Adams, and other migrant-inundated state and city officials, to shut down the invasion and cancel sanctuary status, which never appeared on an official public ballot to begin with! Take a page from Sliwa’s game plan; keep aliens out before conditions get worse than they already are.

Joe Guzzardi is a Project for Immigration Reform analyst. Contact him at

Staten Islanders Protest Mayor And Invasion

Staten Islanders Protest Mayor And Invasion

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