Monsters In The House For Scaredy Cat

Monsters In The House For Scaredy Cat

By Arlene Gilmore

Scaredy cat didn’t hear him come in. She didn’t hear him until she came up the stairs. He was there laughing loudly.

She crouched down in the kitchen next to the doorway. She wanted to find an escape, her escape. She wanted to be in her bedroom sanctuary, but he was sitting on the stairs.

She paced a couple of times trying to figure it out. Should she run back in the basement?

Monsters In The House For Scaredy Cat

The other one was here too, but he smelled like cats. He was big, but he never did anything but let her watch him from the middle of the stairs.

Oh, no. Not now. She slipped into the room hoping to use the litter box, but it was right there…near him. What was she going to do?

At first, she went into the box and scratched around, but he was too close. So she ran.

Then, she heard a sound, a request and he moved to a chair away from the stairs. 

She slowly and carefully went into the litter box. Then, she heard his voice again. She jumped out and ran. She hadn’t finished in the litter box so she left a little gift on the floor.

She stood in the basement doorway gathering her courage. He wasn’t on the stairs anymore. This might be her chance. She crouched low and slunk towards the stairs. The floor had already been cleaned. She rounded the corner and ran swiftly up the stairs.

Made it. She jumped on the bed and curled up in her pillow. She was still scared but she was safe.

Monsters In The House For Scaredy Cat

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