Only Active Citizens Can Save America From Socialist Tyranny

Only Active Citizens Can Save America From Socialist Tyranny –Chester County activist and Republican Committeewoman Donna Ellingsen told the crowd at Gatsby’s, last night, July 6, that she was born in what was then  British Guiana and everything was fine.

Donna was the guest speaker at United4Delco’s Active Citizen Workshop held at the bar and grill on Pennell Road in Aston, Pa.

She said after independence her native land became the Socialist Republic of Guyana. Life got harder. Goods disappeared. Money became useless. The nation’s biggest export became its people. She noted that its population was just under a million when she was a girl and that it hasn’t changed much.

Actually, it seems to have gone down. The most recent data shows it at 789,683 which is less than Montco.

Anyway, Donna was one of the exports and she ended up in neighboring Venezuela.

And everything was fine.

The nation was awash in petrodollars. The restaurants rivaled those of New York and Milan.

Then socialism arrived.

Only Active Citizens Can Save America From Socialist Tyranny
Donna Ellingsen

Donna says that the first sign that socialism has arrived is the toilet paper shortage.

So she emigrated to the United States. Legally, she notes.

And everything was fine.

Then in 2008 Barack Obama was elected president and she saw the creeping approach of corrupting socialism coming to our nation. From here there is no where to flee.

So she became politically active. She unseated an incumbent to become committeewoman for Elks Township and succeeded to the point where Democrats no longer contest seats in her district.

She now gives talks and seminars throughout southeastern and central Pennsylvania about how easy it is for the average citizen to fight back. Canvassing neighbors can be fun and makes a big difference, she says. Many residents are not even aware that an election is about to happen or how the wrong candidate can seriously make their lives harder. When the canvasser tells them they end up voting.

She points out that it isn’t even that hard to actually run for office and that one doesn’t need a lot of money to do so at the local level.

But even stuffing mailings and door hangers can be helpful.

This year’s election is Nov. 7. On the ballot in Pennsylvania include races for judges, county and municipal officials, and school boards.

These races are often overlooked by the average citizen and are far more important than many seem to realize.

Joy Schwartz who is running for Delaware County Council and Kathryn Buckley, who is one of five seeking to break the monolithic block of Democrats on the Rose Tree Media School Board, also spoke.

Those interested in helping should contact

Only Active Citizens Can Save America From Socialist Tyranny

3 thoughts on “Only Active Citizens Can Save America From Socialist Tyranny”

  1. Donna Ellingson is a prime example of what an “American” is supposed to be, whether natural born or naturalized. I know Donna and am proud to call her a friend. She stands for everything that is great about this country and puts herself on the line to protect all of our rights.

  2. Bill, you left out the fact that Donna will be speaking again on 7/22 at the VFW in Media. I am hosting her at a seminar to show interested conservatives exactly how to execute the Precinct Strategy. It doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t take much time, and it will help us to take back our party, our county, our state, and our country! Please contact me at if you want to register! Donna is a PHENOMENAL trainer!
    Pat Bleasdale

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