AP Anti-Pope Distortions

AP Anti-Pope Distortions — First The New York Times , now Associated Press.

Once respected conveyors of information have now become archetypes of bigots.

The New York Times on March 25 accused Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, of intervening to prevent a priest, Father Lawrence Murphy, from facing penalties for cases of sexual abuse of minors. It was quickly shown to be false.

On April 9, AP put on the wires that the future Pope Benedict “resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children” in 1985.

Well, lo and behold, it seems those pleas were made by the pervert priest himself , Father Stephen Kiesle, who was seeking dispensation from his vow of celibacy.  It seems Cardinal Ratzinger was not inclined to let him off the hook. You think AP might have  thought that worthwhile to mention that tidbit?

Further, abuse cases at the time were the responsibility of the local diocese, in this case Oakland.

This means, IOW, that Cardinal Ratzinger had no authority to remove Kiesle from the ministry. That, however, doesn’t matter in this case because the Diocese of Oakland had already done so after he was after he was arrested in 1978 on misdemeanor charges of lewd conduct and received three years’ probation in a plea bargain. Kiesle, however, went on to do volunteer work which Oakland Bishop John Cummins kiboshed upon learning that he was doing so.

Kiesle was laicized two years after the controversial letter, on the eve of his 40th birthday which was in keeping with the then policy  of not granting dispensations to priests under the age of 40.

Kiesle was convicted in 2004  of molesting a girl in 1995–note: this was eight years after his defrocking. He was sentenced to six years in prison. He lives today in  California as a registered sex offender.

And has anyone ever wondered at why the same crowd that expresses so much outrage at Pope Benedict is equally outraged at the Boy Scouts policy of not allowing homosexual scout leaders?

AP Anti-Pope Distortions

AP Anti-Pope Distortions

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash — The April 8 Bell Boeing CV-22 Osprey crash in Afghanistan was apparently not due to mechanical failure according the aviation website  FlightGlobal.Com.

The crash occurred as the craft was landing in a wadi around 1 a.m. under brown-out conditions.

Killed were the pilot, a flight engineer, an army Ranger and a civilian.  Others were injured.

The military has ruled out enemy fire.

The Osprey’s fuselage, cockpit,avionics, and flight controls are built at the Boeing Helicopter plant in Ridley Park with the rest of the machine being built by Bell Helicopter in Texas.

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash


Wall Street Gives Dingy Harry’s Leash A Tug

Wall Street Gives Dingy Harry’s Leash A Tug — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was reportedly given a spanking by his masters at Goldman Sachs during a fundraiser in New York.

While the perception is that Wall Street is run by fat conservatives, the truth is that the strings are pulled by extreme social liberals who recognize that there are fortunes to be made working with government and, if done properly from their point of view, government policy can squelch  up-and-coming competition.

They expect to  always have their SUVs and top doctors and think it’s just fine that the rest of us make do with skateboards and overworked nurses.

So when Reid, who is behind in the polls in his re-election bid, tried to whip up some populist sympathy by blaming the nation’s economic problems on the banks and brokers he went a little too far and  had his leash tugged.

Expect Reid and the rest of the Dems to listen. Goldman executives are staunch Dem supporters and gave four times more money to Obama than  to John McCain.

So whatever bill that comes forth giving the government the power to run our banks, expect there to be a paragraph on page 973 or so that lets Goldman and the rest of the politically connected Wall Street Dems to make a bundle.

Wall Street Gives Dingy Harry’s Leash A Tug

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated —  PatDollard.Com is reporting that New Orleans police have confirmed that the attack on Allee Bautsch and  Joe Young was politically motivated.

The attack occurred, Friday night, after Miss Bautsch and Young were leaving a restaurant in New Orleans that had been the site of a Republican rally and was the target of picketing by Democrat Party supporters.

Miss Bautsch and Young, her boyfriend, were followed from the restaurant and badly beaten. Miss Bautsch suffered a broken leg and Young, a broken nose and jaw.

Miss Bautsch is the campaign finance director for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a Republican.

Allee Bautsch Beating Was Politically Motivated Miss Bautsch is the campaign finance director for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is a Republican.

Allee Bautsch Beating Politically Motivated

Uh Oh Chongo, Court Says Pa. Must Move $800M To MCare

Commonwealth Court, today , ruled that Pennsylvania most move $800 million into the MCare Fund , set up in 2002 to help defray malpractice insurance costs for the state’s medical professionals. The vote was 4-1 with the dissenter Judge Dan Pellegrini, not citing law but expediency and class envy namely that the budget is now out of balance and the doctors will get money.

Money was transferred from the fund last fall to end the 101-day budget impasses and avoid making massive cuts in state spending.

Even with the transfer, a huge budget deficit — some estimate it at $1 billion — was looming.

And this doesn’t even take into account the soon-to-hit pension crisis .

Gov. Rendell has said he will appeal which would be to state Supreme Court.

With regard to Judge Pellegrini, I hope he is as comfortable with expediency when it comes to his own pension since some cold-blooded expediency in that matter might be the only that that keeps regular working folks from serious suffering.

Hat tip to GrassrootsPa.Com

Why Santorum Endorsed Specter

Maybe Pennsylvania conservatives owe Rick Santorum an apology.

Many stayed home in 2006 setting the stage for Democrat Bob Casey to take the senate seat Santorum held since 1995. Some even actively worked against him.

And it was all because Santorum endorsed incumbent Arlen Specter over insurgent Pat Toomey in the 2004 GOP senate primary.  Yes, children Arlen Specter was a Republican in those days.

Santorum has now revealed to Specter’s consternation that the endorsement was contingent on Arlen supporting President Bush’s judicial nominees.

Could this be something Santorum is making up? Well, Specter unequivocally supported Bush’s judicial nominees, a thing that is biting him in his butt now that he has switched parties.

Congressman Joe “The Red Admiral” Sestak has crept to within two points of the party — that’s Democrat Party  — endorsed Specter in the latest Rasmussen poll to be the Dem’s senate nominee this November.

With 10 percent undecided, I think I’d actually put money on The Red Admiral in the May 18 primary.

A Million Pa. Independent Voters To Miss A Primary Choice

Pennsylvania’s primary election is May 18 and, third-party romantics aside,  from it will be chosen the candidates who will be the people who lead this state.

A little over a million of Pennsylvania’s 8.4 million registered voters will not participate in this choice because they have registered as something other than a Republican or Democrat. Pennsylvania is one of 14 closed primary states. The actual breakdown of labels is  36,473 Libertarians; 484,597  “no affiliation”
and 490,526 “other voters.

All but two of those running for governor this year have expressed support for Pennsylvania becoming an open primary state in which one can vote in whatever party’s race regardless of what his registration happens to be.

The dissenters are State Sen. Anthony Williams, a Democrat who represents the 8th District that includes a large part of Delaware County and state Rep. Sam Rohrer, a Republican who represents the 128th District in Berks County.

Williams would like to eliminate primaries altogether and just have a general election.

Rohrer would like to encourage independents to join a major party, which is a reasonable thing. If one is part of a group not choosing its candidate on primary day registering with a major party would give one two shots at how the state would be run. Ironically, Rohrer’s non-establishment campaign would likely be boosted by an open primary.

For the record, there are 4.3 million Democrats and 3.1 million Republicans in the state.

Toomey Retains Lead In Latest Ras Poll

Today’s Rasmussen Reports has Republican Pat Toomey again being the preference of most Pennsylvania voters over Democratic incumbent Arlen Specter, 50 to 40 percent.

This was the first time Toomey has reached 50 percent in the Rasmussen poll.

Toomey leads the other Democrat seeking the nomination — Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) — 47 to 36 percent.

The nominee will be determined in the May 18 primary election. Specter is endorsed by the party and has held a significant lead in the polls until yesterday when Rasmussen produced one showing the race to be neck and neck with Specter leading 44-42 percent with 10 percent undecided and 4 percent wishing they could vote for someone else.

Toomey is facing activist Peg Luksik in the primary albeit Toomey is a huge favorite.

It’s A Dem Dead Heat In Pa. Senate Fight

The latest Rasmussen Poll has endorsed incumbent Arlen Specter with just a two-point lead over Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) to be the Democrat nominee for the Pennsylvania senate race.

The primary is May 18.

Specter is ahead 44 to 42 percent with 10 percent undecided and 4 percent wishing they could vote for someone else, a wish, btw, that will not come true now that Sestak has knocked everyman challenger Joe Vod Varka off the ballot.

Last month Rasmussen had Specter preferred to Sestak by Democrat voters 48-37 percent.

The most recent Franklin & Marshall Poll had Specter beating Sestak 32 to 12 percent but with 52 percent undecided.

The winner of the primary faces Republican Pat Toomey in November.

Admiral Joe Knocks Regular Joe Off Dem Ballot

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court  ruled today that Joe Vod Varka failed to get the 2,000 valid signatures required to be on the May 18 ballot for the Democrat Party senate primary election.

Vod Varka, a small  business owner from Allegheny County, shocked the political establishment by appearing to get the signatures last March.

He describes himself as a
conservative Democrat. He is against ObamaCare and has been an NRA
member for 36 years.

The action came after a challenge by Congressman Joe Sestak (D-Pa7) and the ruling leaves the race between him and party-endorsed incumbent Arlen Specter.

Specter responded with this statement: The people, specifically Democratic Primary voters, should have decided
whether Mr. Vodvarka was worthy of support, not Joe Sestak and the court
system. And Cong. Sestak was happy to pay big bucks to his lawyers to knock a
regular guy like Joe Vodvarka off the ballot, but he’s not willing to
pay the minimum wage to his own campaign employees.