Patriot Online Nears Million Pages Mark

Patriot Online Nears Million Pages MarkWe just heard from Greg Stenstrom that Patriot Online, a Pennsylvania-based social media site, is growing nicely. It’s great and easy to use, and we encourage joining it.

We’re up to 11,700 regular readers today, who spend many hours, reading almost a million pages a week now, on Every day when I login to Facebook and other social media, I get even more excited to see what’s new on Patriot Online, and know that as people learn about it, and make the transition, that the totalitarian surveillance financial model of Facebook and it’s other leftist ilk is going to fade away, and the free choice and privacy model we have implemented with Patriot Online is going to be the ultimate winner for the hearts and minds of the free citizenry.

Very proud of our early adopters, writers, and content creators – and the amazing material, real news, variety and the respect for the citizenry Patriot Online has evolved to serve.

Early critics told us “it will never work,” “you have to write to a 7th grade level,” “you need more pictures,” “people don’t want to know or read what you are publishing,” “you’re going to get in trouble,” “they will shut you down,” “they will arrest you,” and “people don’t want to know the truth.”

If you’re already on Patriot Online, then you have my thanks and gratitude. If you are not there yet, click on the www link, and at the bottom of the page is a “guest” link where you can browse the site and ecosystem without having to sign n or create an account. I would love to know what you think, and any adjustments or additions you would like to see.

We’re adding capacity every week, with more and more additions of what used to be called “super computers” to our infrastructure. We’ll be launching our media and video services and systems soon, and be able to host full, feature length videos that have been deleted and censored everywhere else. Exciting times ahead. . . . We’re reclaiming the technological battlespace from “big tech” and it’s government masters every day, and will reclaim our Republic with it.

Semper Fi.

Patriot Online Nears Million Pages Mark
Patriot Online Nears Million Pages Mark

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