Virginia Giuffre Defends Trump

Virginia Giuffre Defends Trump — You probably missed it but Virginia Giuffre, the most notable woman abused as a minor by Jeffrey Epstein and  Ghislaine Maxwell, is rebutting quotes attributed to her by journalist  Sharon Churcher who wrote for the Mail on Sunday in the U.K.

The quotes implied a much closer relationship between Donald Trump and Epstein than apparently was the case.

Ms. Giuffre made the rebuttals under oath in her lawsuit against Ms. Maxwell in 2016.

Here it is:

Virginia Giuffre Defends Trump --

Note: Bradley Edwards, Ms. Giuffre’s attorney in her 2009 lawsuit against Epstein says Trump contacted him without a subpoena and the information he provided was voluntary and very helpful.

Virginia Giuffre Defends Trump


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