Rudy Calls Out Soros DAs

Rudy Calls Out Soros DAs — Rudy Giuliani, the guy who save New York in the 1990s, finally said it loud. On this week’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, America’s mayor said: “Look what we have now. We have Soros-elected anarchist D.A.s They are not there to prosecute the law. They are there to undermine the law.”

He cited Philly.

“In Philadelphia, they won’t even bring a case to the D.A. (Larry Krasner). He’s so anti-police, pro criminal,” Rudy said.

“For five years Soros has been funding these but nobody has been paying attention to it,” Rudy said. “But he had a reason: It’s to undermine our government.”

In fairness, we reported this a year ago as did Laura Ingraham. Yes, Delaware County, Pa. now has a Soros DA with Jack “The Minion” Stollsteimer.

Here is Rudy’s interview with Maria. The Soros remarks start at about 1:35.

Hat tip Wayne Dupree

Rudy Calls Out Soros DAs
Rudy Calls Out Soros DAs

3 thoughts on “Rudy Calls Out Soros DAs”

  1. I’ve heard the story about Leftist groups like Young Turks and Occupy Democrats putting up candidates for DA at the county level around the country. I think it may extend to other offices, too. Apparently Seattle’s mayor is one such candidate. She ran as a far-Left Democrat, and the local establishment didn’t take her seriously. She out-organized them, got the nomination and got elected. I’ve heard that same description of AOC’s election, too.
    It seems that the Left is making a full-court press, and too few people have paid attention, or take them seriously. And that is precisely how people with a totalitarian worldview take over a State.
    Remember, Hitler tried a violent revolution and failed. He learned his lesson and got elected.

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