Voter ID Has A Downside

Voter ID Has A Downside

By Bob Small

While researching the Proud American Patriots Network  I discovered they were boycotting the The Civic Alliance companies

 The Civic Alliance, like Walt Whitman, “contains multitudes”, but one of its main functions is as an anti-Voter ID group.  They are supported by Democracy Works,  which according to Influence Watch, is funded by “numerous left-of-center foundations.”  Influence Watch lists numerous organizations, the majority  left of center, but it also lists the RNC.

The boycott of some 200 Companies comprising the Civic Alliance is also for their  failure to speak up about human rights violations in China and other places.  

Voter ID Has A Downside

Now, some thoughts on Voter ID, one  non-political:  Do any of us, need one more card to fall in the back of the car or end up being dry cleaned?  At the very least, this would be easily misplaceable and not easily replaceable.

Secondly, isn’t voter ID a form of government mandate, the same governmental overreach many of us have been railing against. Some feel Voter ID is a solution in search of a problem.  This is not to say that voter fraud does not exist. Only that would explain many or our current and previous officials.

However, creating voter ID, and, of course, a Department of Voter ID, we must have that, then, isn’t it like killing a flea with a hammer?

Thirdly, the fine state of Georgia has not had a third party US House candidate on their Ballot since 1943, due to their restrictive Ballot Access Laws.  By the way, that ruling has been overturned, but is still being appealed.

 I e-mailed the Civic Alliance a week ago, assuming they would share my alarm about this, since they’re busy pillorying Georgia politics anyhow, but it doesn’t seem to raise alarm bells in their brainpan.  Is it incorrect to maintain that only permitting two Parties on the Ballot is, if not voter intimidation, a form of voter suppression?  Sometimes, both major Parties offer a choice that, as the British say, “is a Dog’s breakfast”.  Maybe more than sometimes.

If most people are locked out by the primary system from even being considered, be they renegade Dems, GOP, Independents or Third Parties, then think that should be one of the battles.

As said previously, most of what the Proud American Patriots Network does deserves support, so I would urge people to go to their website and support them.

Voter ID Has A Downside

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  1. Then a driver’s license, student ID, car registration all have the same downside. Voter ID is still needed, regardless of any downside.

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