Weep For The Sheep And Be Ready

Weep For The Sheep And Be Ready — Some claim that the anger against the current — bipartisan — establishment is fomented by cynics seeking wealth and power.

This claim is the epitome of projection.

New technology has let the gatekeepers emplaced by the powerful be bypassed, and the scales have fallen from the eyes of the multitude.

The battle lines are revealed.

One side wants to push others around and get rich off their labor. The counties surrounding D.C. are the richest in the U.S. after all.

Against them are those who don’t want to be pushed around and drained of their life by the ticks.

Those who call Trump a grifter make us laugh. Trump has lost more than $1 billion since he entered politics.

The claim that the disenfranchised are but manipulated sheep is projection by those who actually are.

How are those Covid masks working? Golly, wouldn’t it be neat if NATO enforces a no-fly zone in Ukraine? We really don’t need fossil fuel right? Unless it’s Venezuelan, of course.

You’ll own nothing and be happy. Those people in the D.C. burbs will just have to own everything and carry the burden. LOLOLOL.

Some in this country actually believe that.

Weep for the sheep and be ready to fight for yourselves and loved ones.

Weep For The Sheep And Be Ready
Weep For The Sheep And Be Ready -

One thought on “Weep For The Sheep And Be Ready”

  1. Wake up, People! We all knew the #FakeNewsMedia was lying to us — well, some of us knew — and some of these same people still believe all they are pumping out to us today!

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