One thought on “William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-20-17”

  1. For a more serious and thorough look at the use of drugs in the Third Reich, read, “Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich”:

    The unquestioning use of drugs that we ban today isn’t as far-fetched or outlandish as it may seem to us, taken in context. For one thing, Germany was in the lead in the development and applications of pharmaceuticals, until the Nazis came to power and performed a cultural self-lobotomy on the German scientific community. And some of the substances, such as opium derivatives, were still generally accepted as medicines throughout the West. There was a keen interest in stimulants, too, including meth. And finally, there was a strong homeopathic community in Germany, that had an influence on the broader medical and pharmaceutical community. There was a willingness to use things that seem outlandish or dangerous or both to us today. In any case, it’s interesting to read about.

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