Presidents Day Omnibit Trivia 2-17-14

Presidents Day Omnibit Trivia 2-17-14 by William W. Lawrence Sr.

The federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February is not officially called Presidents’ Day, but rather Washington’s Birthday.

There was an attempt in 1968 to officially name it Presidents’ Day, which died in committee.

Many states, however, choose to call their own celebration on this day “Presidents’ Day.”

Of course, his real birthday is Feb. 22.

Unless, you consider that the calendar which was in effect in the British Empire at the time of the his birth in 1731 was the Julian which would make in Feb. 11.

Britain switched to the Georgian Calendar in 1752 hence his birthday is considered to be Feb. 22.

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Presidents Day Omnibit Trivia 2-17-14



Omnibit Trivia 2-13-14

February 13 2014 Omnibit Trivia by William W. Lawrence Sr.

About one-third of all auto accidents in Sweden involve large animals. Researchers calculate that one out of 10 Swedes who driver over 12,000 miles will eventually collide with a moose.

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