Liberal Women Weak And Meek

Liberal Women Weak And Meek –For those who have long believed that liberal “progressive” Democrat-voting women were not “strong and independent” but weak, stupid, and easily cowed hypocrites, well, it looks your instincts were right.

Liberal Women Weak And Meek
Premier Kathleen Wynne knows her place in Sharia it seems.

Kathleen Wynne is the premier of Ontario. She is a lesbian, ultra-liberal and an outspoken feminist. After a mass shooting at a Quebec City mosque on Jan. 29 that left six dead and 19 injured — how did that happen anyway, don’t they have gun control in Canada?? — she decided to show solidarity by visiting a mosque in Toronto.

So what happened? They made the province’s leading politician put on a head covering and sit on a rickety folding chair way back in a corner well behind the men. If a woman is in front of a man as he is praying, his prayer is invalidated, after all.

And of course, unlike a pro-life conservative woman, she meekly accepted.Liberal Women Weak And Meek

Oh, and the subject of the sermon was the evils of homosexuality.

She has yet to lead a demonstration against it.




Liberal Women Weak And Meek

5 thoughts on “Liberal Women Weak And Meek”

  1. I dated a liberal, left wing, pro abortion liberal about 30 years ago and she was the same way. I had a situation with a friend of her’s who was pregnant with a South America spanish guy’s baby. Naturally, I acted like he did towards me…put offish, talked down to him, machismo attitude etc. She lambasted me saying it was “his culture” to be that way toward men and I shouldn’t be that way. Well it turned out he then was hitting on another girl at our party while his “fiancee” was in the bathroom…when she found out she had a canary! I then said “but that’s his culture”…I didn’t get any that night!

    1. Hey Bill:
      I’m guessing you voted for Hillary Clinton.
      Ask her who murdered Vince Foster.
      She was getting her jollies from other guys because Bill was too busy screwing young interns.

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