Peter Strzok Dad Saw Iranian Revolution

Peter Strzok Dad Saw Iranian RevolutionPeter Strzok Dad Saw Iranian Revolution –Peter P. Strzok, the  father of disgraced FBI agent Peter Paul Strzok II, was interviewed in 1979 by the Leader-Telegram of Eau Claire, Wis. concerning what he saw in Iran as an employee of Bell Helicopter. About 45,000 Americans were working in the country when the revolution occurred.

Strzok expressed hope that the Ayatollah Khomeini could bring the country together and predicted the U.S. would have a good relationship with the country.

You can read the whole story here.

Peter Strzok Dad Saw Iranian Revolution






3 thoughts on “Peter Strzok Dad Saw Iranian Revolution”

  1. Wow. Peter, Sr., displays the same kind of naivete common among many on the Left and among Carter’s supporters back then, in his assessment of the conditions in Iran and what he thought Khomeini would do. It’s also an ignorance of Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism, which was common among most people back then. We had no clue, and when the subject was raised, we tended to equate Islamists with Christian or Jewish fundamentalists, ignoring that it’s a false comparison.

    He wasn’t much of a father, either. His kid’s an arrogant punk.

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