Rebecca Warren Falls Short, Joe Gale Wins

Rebecca Warren Falls Short, Joe Gale Wins — With 96 percent of the state-wide vote in as of 11:45 p.m., May 21, Rebecca Warren is about 25,000 votes behind second place Christylee Peck who has about 337,000 in the Republican Superior Court primary.

Two seats are being contested for 10-year terms on the court which is the intermediate appellate court for most matters in the state. 

In first place is establishment choice Megan King who has about 357,000 votes. Ms. King received a last minute endorsement form President Trump.

Somebody must have been nervous.

In better news, incumbent Joe Gale appears to be the top vote-getter in the GOP Montco Commissioner race at, unofficially, 16,233. Unfortunately his brother Sean is about 1,649 votes behind second place Fred Conner who ended up, unofficially, with 16,114 votes in the five man race. Dean Eisenberger got 14,454 votes and France W. Krazalkovich got 5,909 votes

Conner was the establishment favorite.

Gale and Conner will face on Nov. 5 Democrat incumbents Val Arkoosh and Kenneth E. Lawrence, Jr., who has been dogged by allegations of committing a rape.

The top-votegetter of the minority party is guaranteed a seat on the board.

In best news, though, Republican Fred Keller crushed Democrat Marc Friedenberg to win a special election to Pennsylvania’s 12 District Congressional seat that was strangely vacated by Tom Marino in January.

Keller got, unofficially, 78,844 votes to Friedenberg’s 33,244. votes.

Rebecca Warren Falls Short, Joe Gale Wins -- With 96 percent of the state-wide vote in as of 11:45 p.m., May 21, Rebecca Warren is about 25,000 votes
Rebecca Warren Falls Short, Joe Gale Wins

4 thoughts on “Rebecca Warren Falls Short, Joe Gale Wins”

  1. ‘A new Republican Party,’ not so much. Certainly exempt from that here in MontCo is the Trump populist conservative movement which has been intentionally squashed. Ppl aren’t even voting bc a) lack of enthusiasm for candidates as they can’t even receive transparency and accurate information on them ahead of time and b) a terrible paper ballot system now.

    It is some of our worst fears realized, if youre a true Constitutionalist (now labeled a rebel and even outcast by our Republican Party); this Primary proved to be a continuation of the swamp, dirty establishment politics, top-down elitist control disguised as leadership and doubling down on strong-arming tactics including voter intimidation and suppression. I saw it go down live today at my local poll. Ppl peddling the (yet again) joke of a green ballot made voters feel as if they were doing something wrong if they did not support their chosen candidates. And literally removed materials I put out for real Republican candidates running. I was also harassed and bullied for supporting these unendorsed by the Swamp Club candidates.

    Thank God Joe won again after all the disparaging attacks on him by our own party!

    Those of us who respect and uphold our Constitution, individual rights and freedoms, limited govt and a grassroots mindset are appalled at what happened at polls across the county today. Nothing pro-liberty or free about this Primary election. We saw one of the lowest turnouts ever.

    Mark my words: big govt RINOs and closet Trump haters will stay in power next year as we head toward higher taxation, more bailouts, obstacles to reform. Not looking good for PA. Too much lack of liberty-centered education. Voters are being kept in the dark purposefully.

  2. Unless we can knock out Ken Lawrence from the race, it will be Val, Ken, and Joe again. Or, it will be Val, Ken, and Fred. I noticed that Fred is very much favored by the MCRC and the Dems. What is up with that?

    Why isn’t Ken making a statement about the fact that he raped me? As long as he keeps his mouth shut, the media will not make it public. So he would rather be thought of as a cowardly rapist. If he publicly denies raping me, he is a lying rapist. If he speaks the truth and admits that he raped me, he would be an honest rapist.

    No matter what, Ken is a rapist. It is not in his best interest to say a word. And you can be sure his “partner” and running mate, Valerie, will never let him speak.

  3. Now, let’s see if the idiot in charge of the state party can manage to win with his handpicked judicial choice.

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